What Power tools should a Home owner have?


Owning your home means that you’re responsible for all the maintenance and repairs on the property. This can be considered as a downside to the property although you can choose just to get professional help with all the tasks. Of course you’ll need to find a local firm that offers a quality service.

The alternative is to do some or all of the work yourself. For this you’ll need specific power tools. They will make your life easier. In fact, even if you sub contract the work it’s a good idea to have these power tools at home.  You will also need to take the appropriate safety precautions.

It is important to use a reputable supplier such as Tradeline Tools when purchasing your power tools. This will ensure you have quality at the right price.

Drill / Driver

This is the most basic and essential of all your tools. You should invest in a battery powered one; this will make it easier to complete any task.

The drill / driver will allow you to drill holes and acts as a power screwdriver. You can hang a picture, make a piece of furniture or simply drill into your water pipe with one of these tools.

Circular Saw

The circular saw is a great way to get a straight cut or even one with an angle. They are usually corded machines and are extremely powerful; use caution.

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But they are also very useful in creating bookshelves, amending desks or even changing the size of a door. You’ll need one.


Most of the DIY tasks you’ll undertake will require a straight cut, which is why you have the circular saw. But according to Maurice Electrical Supply, there will be times when you need to cut a small piece of wood or cut an angle or even a shape.

That’s when the jigsaw comes into its own. Again you can get a battery powered one to make it easier to cut without getting your cables tangled.

Stud Sensor

Some things need to be secured to the studs in your walls to ensure they will remain there. Unless the studs are all marked the only safe way to find them is with a quality stud finder. It will save you making a mess of your walls.

Petrol Lawn Mower

If you have grass you’re going to need to cut it. You’re also going to want to keep this job as simple and easy as possible. That’s why you need a petrol lawnmower; preferably a self-propelling one.

Rotary Tool

These have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and for good reason. They are excellent when working in small spaces and can be used to cut bolts, polish or even sand small surfaces.

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You’ll quickly wonder what you did before you bought a rotary tool.

Hedge Trimmer

The final power tool that you’ll be glad you invested in is a hedge trimmer; assuming you have hedges to worry about. You can do this task with shears but the trimmer will do the same job in minutes instead of hours.

That leaves you free to enjoy a beer in peace!


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