3 Iconic Home Designs That Still Inspire Us

Iconic Frank Lloyd Wright homes.

New homes are designed all the time to fit the individual needs and desire of the designers and those intending to live there. But, while many of these are stunning some of these designs can be called iconic.

An iconic home design is capable of inspiring people years after it was first created. It doesn’t need to be environmentally conscious; it can be viewed as an art or simply baffle your mind; such as the Sydney Opera House or the Statue of Liberty

It’s worth noting that you don’t need to rebuild your house completely to transform its image. You can use techniques such as facade engineering to change the look and style of any building for a comparatively low price.

Here are 3 iconic hoe designs that will still inspire you:

  1. Fallingwater, Mill Run, Pennsylvania

This home has a cantilever design which was inspired by the dominant architecture in Japan. What really makes it special is the way that it is integrated into the forest round it.

Iconic Frank Lloyd Wright house in the woods.
Fallingwater, Mill Run, Pennsylvania

Of course such an iconic design has experienced problems; including the dipping of the balconies. It has now been adjusted, repaired and is likely to stand the test of time.  The best part is it has been turned into a museum so you can visit and be inspired yourself.

  1. The Eames House

This house was actually part of two dozen homes built in the mid 20th century. The aim was to express man’s life in the modern world and the houses had to be built with materials and techniques consistent with the Second World War.

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Iconic home with a library and bookshelves.
The Eames House

The Eames House was designed for a couple working in design and graphic arts whose children had already flown the nest.

Perhaps the most iconic features is not the amount of glass but the fact that the walls and windows slide; allowing the house to be adapted to almost any configuration and situation.

The house is open, spacious and surprisingly modern despite the period it as built in. In fact many people would love to live in this iconic design today but it is now owned by a foundation to protect and preserve it for the future.

  1. The Lake Place Hotel, Udaipur, India

The Lake Palace Hotel appears to be floating on water although every ‘island’ is connected and accessible without using a boat.

An iconic courtyard with an ornate fountain.
The Lake Place Hotel, Udaipur, India

It was originally designed as a residence for the Mewar ruler Maharana Jagat Singh I in 1628. The building still stands strong today although it has now been converted to a hotel. It s still owned by the Singh family and remains largely the same as when it was first built; a testimony to the architecture and building skills of the 17th century.

You’ll be impressed by the ambiance and the view, which remains un-obscured in all directions.

Iconic homes aren’t designed to become iconic; they all start lives as humble homes. It’s the vision behind the design that passes the test of time and makes it iconic. Even today these homes can inspire you to reach for the stars.

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