10 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Patio More Comfortable

A patio with furniture and a fire pit featured in 10 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Patio More Comfortable.

Many apartment dwellers would love to have an outdoor space where they can retire after a long day with friends and family. If you are a homeowner with a backyard space, now is the time to take advantage of all it offers. Not only does a yard give you the room to enjoy outdoor activities like gardening or playing ball with the kids, but it can also provide you with a relaxing patio oasis.

Creating a comfortable outdoor space is like adding more square footage to your home. With the right protection and comfort, you and your family can enjoy getting out on the patio all year round. The benefits of getting some fresh air and spending time in nature can help you to relax from your busy schedule and concentrate on spending quality time with the ones that you love.

When you create a space that is protected with one of the best City Seamless Patio Covers and add a few other comfort items, you can enjoy your patio in any weather. There is no need to stay cooped up indoors when the weather gets a bit damp or chilly in the spring or fall. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can make your outdoor patio more comfortable.


Without the right patio protection, you will only be able to use your space when the weather is perfect. The hot summer sun has the power to have you running to the cool refuge of your home. Creating a covered area can provide you with the shade you need to get more use out of your patio. Don’t underestimate the calming sounds of sitting on your patio in the rain on those rainy days. With the proper protection, you can enjoy your space in any weather.

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You may choose to build an extension roof to cover your patio, but you don’t necessarily have to spend money on a huge project to get the protection you need for your patio. You could start with a simple umbrella that can be moved to give your protection in any area, or you could build a pergola or gazebo as a permanent structure. Modern options include canvas sails or retractable awnings that can give your patio some extra flare.

Temperature Control

In the heat of the day or the chill of the evening, you may not think about heading out to the patio to relax. To take advantage of your patio as often as possible, you need to add some aspects of temperature control. In the summer, half the battle that goes into beating the heat is increasing your airflow. You can mount a ceiling fan with wide blades to help move the air or simply use some small tabletop fans to help you stay cool.

When the weather starts to turn chilly in the fall or dips down on a summer evening, you will want to add some heat to your patio. A fireplace or a tabletop propane fireplace can add a warm glow to your patio.

Plush Furniture

No one will enjoy your patio space if there isn’t a comfortable place to sit or lounge. When buying your patio furniture, you need to keep comfort in mind. Always opt for the furniture that has plush cushions and is comfortable to sit or lay on. Make sure that you have enough seating options for you and your guests by combining a few chairs, a lounge chair, or a couch.

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If you want to create a space where you can cuddle up with your partner or enjoy a peaceful afternoon reading your favorite book, you need to have privacy. If your backyard is fenced, you should be able to avoid peeping neighbors, but for elevated decks or patios, you may have to create your own privacy barriers. Adding tall shrubbery around your patio can help to keep prying eyes out, or you can try hanging blinds, using solid material walls on your gazebo, or putting up a wood lattice with climbing plants on it for a living wall.


If you want to get the most out of your patio space, you need to light it up. There is no reason why you can only enjoy your patio during daylight hours. Settling in for an evening with friends or family can be a wonderful way to relax. Adding a few warm lighting features can give you a special charm at night. Pot lamps, overhead lights with warm bulbs, or chic fairy lights strung around your space can add a nice touch.

Natural Features

Your outdoor space should embrace all the best parts of nature. If you only have a small space in your city yard, you might want to bring more natural elements into the area. A lovely babbling water feature tucked into a corner or a planter’s box of your favorite flowers can make your space soothing and comfortable. For those that love to toil in the garden, you can install your own smaller-scale herb garden on your patio that will produce great smells and tastes for your favorite summer dishes.

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What could be better than listening to your favorite music while relaxing on your backyard patio? Installing a set of Bluetooth outdoor speakers can allow you to choose from your favorite playlists right on your phone. You can even find a pair of speakers that look like natural rocks, so they blend in with your outdoor decor.

Cozy Comfort

Enjoying your outdoor patio is all about comfort. Make sure that you set out a few plush blankets for you and your guests so they can wrap up if the temperatures start to drop. Stuffed pillows also make a nice addition to your outdoor space so that you can settle into your favorite spot in cozy comfort.

Creating an outdoor space that is comfortable is all about adding the same features that you would find in your home. Get the protection that you need from the rain and the sun, add comfort items like blankets and pillows, and buy furniture that is comfortable yet suitable to withstand the outdoor elements. Follow these tips to help you make your outdoor patio a welcome oasis for your family and friends.

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