5 tips to boost your home security

A secure home with a blue door.

An Englishman’s home is his castle, and while the numbers of burglaries in the UK continues to drop, home security is still crucial to protect our property and ensure every member of the household feels secure and safe at home. To make sure this happens, here are five handy tips on boosting your home security.

Reinforce your entryways

According to research from The Eco Experts, 67% of burglars break in via a doorway – with 21% simply opening it. This shocking statistic shows just how important strong and sturdy door panels and locking mechanisms are when it comes to protecting your home from trespassers, so be sure to invest in doors that are police-approved and Secured by Design. The locking mechanism should ideally run throughout the door itself instead of only securing at lock level too.

Secure your windows

Windows are also a vulnerable area of your home – whenever you leave the home or are upstairs, at the very least make sure to close all windows as they can be very easy for intruders to enter through. If your windows are old or in poor condition, replace them with double or triple-glazed models that feature proper locking mechanisms that have multiple clasps.

Lock exterior gates and barriers 

Many properties feature paths round the home to the garden via the street or driveway. It’s important these are blocked with gates and that these entryways are safely locked with quality padlocks that are resistant to sawing, bolt cutters, and other tools intruders might use to pry open locks. While it’s likely an intruder will be able to scale the gate, doing so will be noisy and time-consuming, deterring opportunistic thieves.

Secure your perimeter 

If possible, secure the perimeter of your property and/or land with shrubbery, trees, or fences to stop people gaining easy access. If intruders can safely sneak in and out of your property, they will be able to do so covertly without drawing attention to themselves – and make off with your property more easily as a result. Strong boundaries stop this from happening. 

Add more lighting 

Darkness is a burglar’s best friend, so add motion sensor lights or ambient light to your surroundings to make the outdoor areas of your property visible at night. When combined with steps such as security cameras, you can also have a record to hand just in case intruders are successful at breaking and entering, which can make dealing with the police and courts all the easier.

While crime rates are dropping, keeping our homes safe is still a must in 2021. Do you have any particular tactics or strategies you use to keep your property and family safe? Let us know in the comments section.

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