Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets: The Design Trend to Try

Various individuals will have different definitions of “modern design,” but in general, if you want a more minimal and up-to-date aesthetic, you may want to consider updating your kitchen with some modern kitchen cabinets. This sharper, more angular aesthetic is distinct from today’s kitchen cabinetry, which has little ornamentation on cabinet doors and frames. 

An increasing number of contemporary designs use midcentury modern furniture characterized by sharp angles and flowing curves. You may also use this style for cutting-edge kitchen storage. Cabinets in today’s kitchens might be square, rounded, or angular, yet be ultra-modern in terms of their functionality and the materials used to make them.

How to Modernize Cabinets in the Kitchen?

Cabinets in modern kitchens often use semi-opaque or frosted glass for an eye-catching new take on an old classic. An easy and inexpensive approach to updating the look of your kitchen is to swap out the wood doors on your cabinets with frosted glass ones. 

Plastic laminate and wood veneer are two popular options for today’s kitchen cabinet front doors. Using wood veneer with an accentuated horizontal grain pattern will help you attain that classic contemporary aesthetic. The kitchens of today often incorporate a variety of different materials.

Modern kitchen cabinets may blend materials like wood, laminates, glass, and metal to produce a more distinct feel than conventional kitchen cabinets, which tend to be constructed of a single kind of wood throughout.

Kitchen cabinets also stand out due to their vibrant colours. Though wood veneer’s natural tones are often favoured, more daring, non-traditional hues are also commonplace in this style of interior decoration. Some modern kitchens are decorated in bold colours like deep reds and blues or neon yellows, oranges, and greens.

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In a modern kitchen, the shape and form of the cabinet doors are more essential than the colour or material of the cabinets themselves. Flat, slab doors devoid of unnecessary embellishments characterize today’s kitchen cabinetry. There is an emphasis on smooth, flat surfaces as opposed to ornate details like crown moulding or raised panels.

A more open and airy sense may be achieved with a modern kitchen due to its minimalistic style. So, this design is preferred by both people who have several windows in their kitchen and those who have few. Modern kitchen cabinets, which prioritize utility over adornment, may appeal to homeowners dealing with limited, angular space in the kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets Materials

If you’re replacing your cabinets’ doors, you’ll need to choose a suitable material. Kitchen cabinet doors often come in wood or laminate, but a metal, glass, or stainless-steel door will complement a modern kitchen design. Traditional and modern kitchen cabinets differ in their designs based on the style of their cabinet doors. Since a slab cabinet door is a flat piece of material without any panels, accents, or decorations, it is the ideal design. 

A modern kitchen might also benefit from having cabinet doors that are flat and unframed. There is a new and intriguing trend of horizontal wood grain slab doors, making plain old wood seem interesting and textured. It’s important to choose the right kind of wood if you’re going with wooden cabinet doors to keep things looking up to date.

If you’re going for a sleek, trendy aesthetic, dark wood cabinet doors are a great way to set off lighter worktops, walls, and flooring. You can make your modern kitchen look even more elegant if you combine it with stainless steel hardware.

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Nowadays, laminate is also widely used in modern kitchens. Its minimalistic design makes it seem sophisticated and chic. For some time, glass cabinets have been a staple of stylish decor. I’ve seen that metal doors are becoming more common, and I really like that trend. Even though stainless steel is a popular material for all kitchen components, adding stainless steel doors to a few accent cabinets is a great way to bolster the aesthetic of a contemporary kitchen. 

Replacing your old, drab cabinet doors with new, glossy ones is a great opportunity to test your imagination as you work on a kitchen remodel.

Choosing the Right Cabinet: 5 Types

We’ve whittled the list of modern kitchen cabinets down to the five top choices to make your decision-making process a little bit simpler. We’ve laid out all the information you’ll need to know about each option so that you can make a wise decision.

Plywood Cabinets

Plywood is used in the construction of many modern kitchen cabinets, both the front and the inside, but architects and interior designers are starting to value the material for its aesthetic qualities as well as its practical benefits. Plywood has a character that is extremely organic and warm, and this feature contributes to the creation of an atmosphere that is welcoming and pleasant.

Front Flat Cabinets

Doors with a flat front, also known as slab doors, are solid and do not have any panels or other framing around the door. This design is straightforward and uncluttered, and it is ideally suited for use in a kitchen that is either modern or contemporary. Doors with a flat front often consist of a single piece of plywood or MDF that has been painted or veneered over with wood. These doors may also be flush-fronted.

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Glass Front Cabinets

You may not want the fronts of all of the cabinets in your kitchen to be made of glass (particularly the ones that are below the counter), but it’s OK to mix and match styles with things like flat-front cabinets. A single cabinet door, much like a window, may include either one or many panes of glass, depending on the design.

Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets have continued to rise in popularity despite the fact that many other historic designs (like Colonial) have gone out of favour. Each door in a Shaker-style home is made up of five different parts:

  • The top and bottom rails.
  • The vertical stiles on each side.
  • A central panel that is set into the door’s frame.

Classic, basic designs are timeless designs that are sure to never go out of style since they are always in fashion.

Beadboard Cabinets

Beadboard is a term used to describe a construction style in which parallel vertical slats are interlocked. It’s too complex and textured to be worn by someone going for a simple and streamlined appearance. When given the right treatment, beadboard may give a room a laid-back cottage vibe with a touch of Nordic flair. Using it to adorn the walls of a foyer or a cloakroom has the same reassuring effect.

Final Thoughts

The cost of cabinets varies greatly from one kind to another because of the many variables involved in making them. There are numerous practical aspects to think about in addition to the aesthetics while shopping for a new set of cabinets, and they all have an impact on the ultimate cost: Do you have any drawers? How about some wine racks and even some custom cabinetry for things like spices? I need to know what kind of fasteners (hinges, slides, etc.) are required to mount them. So, tell me, what exactly is the inside made of? Then there are the aesthetic choices, such as the kind of wood, colour, stain, or finish, and handles/knobs. Choosing a format is just the first step, but it is crucial in laying the framework for the rest of your work.

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