How to make a chill out with pallets?

Are you someone who wants to do something fashionable with “pallets”? Do you think that this material could be a part of your vivid imagination and turn into something amazing? If you have the right amount of space in your home and garden, then nothing can be better than chilling out in style and not wasting a lot of money on a décor item. You can, for sure, use pallets to decorate your home and even the garden. These pallets can turn into a fun furnishing item that you will fall in love with. It always feels great when you create a furnishing item on your own and let the world be awestruck with the surprising element in your cozy home.

Here are the simple steps to create a Chill Out

Two pictures of a pallet couch.
From essential to fantastic, turn a simple pallet chill out space into something exquisite, just like this photo.

People of today love to have a dedicated Chill Out space in their homes, and this has become the sort of a trend as well. You can certainly get them from industrial estates, supermarket, warehouses, and also get it on sale on a few websites; however, these are all expensive options. And we are not talking about burning your pockets! We are talking about creating a Chill Out without poking holes in your pockets, so what is the next best option you have got? It is nothing else, but making it yourself. This way, you will get to use your extra time, be productive, and also the result will be quite pleasant and practical.

You will need the following materials:

  • One meter
  • One Saw
  • One hammer
  • Varnish
  • Sandpaper or electric sander
  • Bolts, washers, and nuts
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Other materials, just in case if you wish to paint it or add a few wheels:

  • Paint
  • Drill
  • Wheels
  • Fungicide

Follow these simple steps to create your very own Chill Out

Step one is to design the Chill Out space

A set of wooden pallets.
Prepare design and what you wish to do with the pallets

First things first, measure the space you would want to decorate. To do that, draw your imagination on a clean sheet. Once you are sure about the area, choose the location of the pallets and also the kind of furniture you would like to make them. Don’t forget that there are many different sizes available for pallets. So, keep that in mind. Our recommendation would be European; however, you are free to cut according to the design you are trying to achieve.

Step two is to prepare the pallets

Stacked wooden pallets.
Gather all the pallets which are in good condition

Once you are sure about the design and also have gathered all the essential materials, it is time to move to prepare the pallets. Make sure to get the pallets which are in good condition. If you are not sure about the quality or unsure about its origin, then apply fungicides on them to disinfect them. The wood of pallets is made of pine, the same material used to manufacture different kinds of furniture. Use sandpaper or an electric sander to remove affected parts and splinter. Be careful while doing that. Ensure that while smoothing the pallet, you don’t hurt yourself.

Step three is to assemble the puzzle

A person using a drill on wooden pallets.
Time to assemble the puzzle by drilling holes into the pallets

After you are done with sanding and disinfecting the pallets, it is time to assemble the puzzle. Now, join the pallets to create the furniture that you have designed. It could be a chair, table, or anything at all. For this, make holes for the screws. Use the drill to create the holes, and insert the screws and place them all well.

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For the fourth step, paint and protect the pallets

A pallet planter with flowers on it.
Color the pallets to give them a unique look

The next step after you collect the pallet is to paint or varnish them. This will keep the Chill Out protected from termites. Wood, in itself, has a timeless appeal. And when you paint it with teak oil, varnish, or even linseed, this timeless piece of furniture becomes the perfect piece of decoration. You can then use it to decorate your home or put it casually in your beautiful lawn. The choice is yours. Also, it is always better to look after the longevity of the furniture that you built. That’s why apply a white coat or paint it.

The fifth step is to add some extra details

A patio with colorful pallets.
Put some wheels on the pallets and make them stand out

You can either leave the Chillout just like that, else if you want to add it to be bit quirky, then try adding some additional details. You can put on some wheels to move the furniture smoothly from one room to another. Not just this, you can also add armrests as well to support your arms when you sit on it. Let your imagination go wild and think of anything which is out of the box. We let you be the king of your imagination and creativity. Just let the new furniture have a unique touch to it, something which you can be proud of.

The final step is to finish the look with some throw cushions

A patio with pallets transformed into a cozy couch, adorned with pillows and drinks.
Relax in your new chill out areas

To finish it off, get some cute and beautiful cushions. You can go for a bright color or lighter shades. If you don’t have any extra cushion to use, then buy them online. You can buy them online quickly, and they are affordable too. You can choose the cushions and cushion covers according to your taste. Take time to customize the look of your new Chill Out space fully.

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Last few words

Remember to build a Chill Out space which can be easily moved. Be imaginative and paint it well; keep it protected from termites and finally enjoy your garden environment and the all-new Chill Out space.

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