Shower Design Ideas That You’ll Surely Love 

Even though a small bathroom might offer you the privacy you need, the reality is that they are overcrowded, and that is why it would help if you learned some shower design ideas.

With more practical shower design ideas, you can make your small bathroom spacious enough to enable you to contain everything you need.

A small bathroom with a sleek shower design.

A modern bathroom with shower design ideas.

And because a bathroom is essential, you need to take some time and think about how you are going to arrange it and make sure that it contains everything you need.

Additionally, you may want to rearrange your bathroom because you will not find a prearranged bathroom in most cases.

A modern bathroom with a stylish shower stall and sink.

In this post, we are going to list a couple of shower designs that you can apply to your bathroom immediately. Let’s get started.

White Subway Tiles

A glass shower stall in a bathroom.

Even in small apartments, you can still create a stylish bathroom shower that people will envy.  This is particularly possible if you go with subway tiles. You can use charcoal grout for this design to have one of the most refreshing showers.

Inspired Shower Enclosure

A spacious bathroom featuring a sleek glass shower stall.

A white bathroom with a glass shower enclosure featuring modern shower design ideas.

This is another shower design idea that you can quickly implement. This idea originates from Studio McGee. And the good thing about this idea is that the windowpane type you will use in your bathroom is both trendy and classy.

The inspired shower enclosure is also a good shower design idea. Why?  Because this design will take advantage of both overhead and natural lighting.   As a result, it will save you from topping up your lighting system in your bathroom.

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Marble Shower

An orange tiled bathroom with a shower.

If you have a spacious apartment with a larger bathroom, the marble shower idea could be your best bet. This design comes with glass walls, which brings about a fresh feeling. Honestly, this will make your bathroom appear large.

You should also note that this design allows natural light in your bathroom. Additionally, this design comes with a built-in bench that will give you the freedom to relax and bask in your bathroom. If you like, you can always bring in marble tiles as your bathroom fixtures.

A modern glass shower stall.

You don’t have to get worried that it may not look as you want. Test the shower design ideas that pop up in your mind and see what works best for you.

Boho Bathroom

A glass shower stall for modern bathroom design ideas.

A contemporary bathroom showcasing a glass shower stall.

The bathroom that was modeled by Shauna Glenn only included a window and a tub. The designers decided to have a privacy option and also to allow natural light in the bathroom.

The boho bathroom is designed in such a way that the floor slopes, which means that you will not find a place to step over. Additionally, the Boho bathroom has a framed glass wall that is responsible for sealing the shower from your tub area.

Jewel Box Shower

A bathroom with a shower and bathtub design ideas.

A modern bathroom with stylish shower design ideas.

In Jennifer Jean’s design, her bedroom is in a narrow, jewel box bathroom, which is quite lovely. This design was created using mosaic tiles as well as glass panels to make the bathroom have a stylish look. The design also has a built-in bench that you can use for whatever purpose.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a spacious bathroom or not. What matters to you most is to have a beautiful design, and these shower design ideas can help you improve your bathroom.

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