Design Tips to Give Your Bathroom a New Luxurious Look

A bathroom is the most important part of your home, next to your bedroom. You get ready for your day in the morning and shed stress and fatigue with a shower in the evening. Thus it’s the part of your home where you get refreshed and come out full of energy.

Furthermore, you can also call it a place for relaxing since you forget your day full of hustles. It’s the place where you rejuvenate yourself by getting rid of negative thoughts and toxins.

On that note, it’s quite right to be concerned about your bathroom layout, design, and the accessories. Remember that your choice of things to install in your bathroom reflects your personality and nature. The same choices will significantly affect your mood while having a bath after a night sleep or a hectic day.

So you would want to do all things right the first time and within your budget while designing your bathroom. To help you with this, we have presented some essential tips in this article. You can follow them straight or can combine your ideas with them to come up with your own perfect design. Whatever the case is, these tips are worth reading and applying.

Here you go.

The compact layout is good for a bathroom with a small space

A white bathroom.Ideally, people choose a layout that makes their bathroom look larger if space is smaller. If this is the case with you, you can go for a compact layout. In this type of layout, only the most important things like sink and shower. Many people choose this layout for the guest rooms because it significantly reduces the labor and installation cost.

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Have an all-inclusive layout for a large space

If you have space and budget, go for a layout that includes a sink, shower, and a full-sized bathtub. Additionally, you can have a cabinet where you can store clothes that you can wear immediately after a shower. If space doesn’t allow, you can skip the bathtub. Instead, you can have other better accessories to make your bathroom look more inclusive and modern.

Choose bathroom furniture that fits well

A gray bathroom with a wooden vanity.Furniture is crucial as you need it to store your dresses, makeup items, cutlery, and other things. You need them as you are going to use while in the bathroom, and therefore you need storage space too. You can’t let things hang or sit anywhere around the bath area, beside the sink or around the mirror. But at the same time, the furniture shouldn’t occupy too much space making the bathroom smaller and uncomfortable.

Select colors and designs of the furniture that blends well

A bathroom with a toilet and sink.Selecting the right colors and designs of laminates or surface material is important. They should go in line with the wall, floor, and the ceiling colors and designs. You can match or contrast with the colors of other parts. Furthermore, consider lighting as well. Needless to say that it’s good to have bright colors combinations instead of dark or dull colors. Bright colors look great and have a positive effect on our mood.

Go for the material that gives the best look within your budget

It’s also recommended to choose the material for the bathroom furniture carefully. You can choose glass shelves to hold things like cosmetics and small makeup accessories. But for large items like your dresses, towels, etc, you need to have a cabinet with enough space. And therefore, they can be of solid wood or high-pressure plywood or can be acrylic and plastic materials.

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You can have it below or above the sink. If space allows, you can have a full-sized closet as well. In short, there are many material types to choose from. And you can always choose a material with the best quality within your budget.

Have bathroom fittings from the same brand

When you have spent your time and money on designing your bathroom, you can’t ignore the small but essential accessories. These accessories include handles, hooks, towel rails, shop dishes, toothbrush holders, tumblers, etc. So you should go for the stunning yet well-fitting accessories from the same manufacturer or brand.

A colorful bathroom with tiled walls.

Different brands come with different shape, style, and finishing. So, for example, if you buy bath rails from one brand and towel rails from another, they would look unequal. Having high-quality accessories from the same brand will give your bathroom an amazing look.

Wrap up

When you are designing your bathroom, you have to take care of several factors like space, comfort, and your budget. It can go wrong and expensive or can be stunning cost-effectively. All depends on your wise decisions. However, making it an amazing part of your home is not rocket science. Smartly consider your needs and follow the tips described above and you will surely have all the things done right.

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