8 Ideas to Complete Your Ideal Kitchen Standard Setup

The kitchen is the heart of every home, for the most part. It is where we perform the strongest ceremony in life and that is cooking. When recipes are put together, our kitchen transforms into a chemical laboratory where we invoke air, fire, water, and earth. This is what makes the kitchen a sacred place, thus we put more attention to it when it comes to our kitchenware and interior design – for it to meet our ideal kitchen standard.

If you are struggling in assembling your ideal kitchen space, let me help you. I have come up with a list of ideas. These ideas may be helpful in completing your ideal kitchen standard and preference.

Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinetry

A standard kitchen with dark wood cabinets and a center island.

Through effective cabinetry, storage organization is as easy as step one, two, and three. With custom-made kitchen cabinets, everything will be in place. Most modern interior designs are pressing the use of customized cabinets. This is to maximize the space. It also helps to avoid clutter because all kitchen materials are stored in their respective cabinets.

Industrial Grade Kitchenware

Procuring stainless steel kitchenware equipment is an investment and it can last for more years to come despite the continuous messy use. This kind of equipment is scratch-resistant due to the nature of stainless steel and that is the reason why it is included within our list.

Dinettes and Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nooks are a great addition to our kitchen spaces. It is where we start our day right while enjoying a quick bite or a hot cup of coffee. They are typically built in the corners or near the window part of our kitchen. Dinettes and nooks are convenient to have especially during house events as it is a perfect spot to converse with our guests. It can also be used as a bar table where you can place your food and drinks in a buffet style. Aside from its practicality, nooks are added comfort within our home space as it can be our go-to-place every time we just need to sit down and think.

Entryways with Unique Architectural Elements
An ideal kitchen with a window seat and bar stools.
Dinettes and Breakfast Nook

Quartz Worktops

Worktops of the most basic components of your kitchen. Typically for a worktop, traditional tiles and granite are the most common choice of materials to build the surface part. Quartz, on the other hand, is expensive but that is not the reason why quartz worktops made it into the list. What makes quartz worktops special is that it is a non-porous material – meaning, it has a smooth surface texture that has a strong resistance against stains hence, the bacteria are unable to thrive in it. Due to its smooth surface, it is less hassle to maintain and clean.

Wine Rack

A standard wood and metal rack with holes for the ideal kitchen.

Whether it is bought ready-made from a store or a DIY, wine racks are an ideal storage solution for your wine. They can be placed anywhere in your kitchen that has little space, and that small space could turn into a head-turner striking display area.

Deco Stone Designs

Wall cladding is one of the common addition in interior design since the age of Solomon. Installing deco stones on our wall helps in shaping your kitchen space with a renaissance themed visual design, which supplies interest and texture to the overall interior.

Mason Jars Herb Garden

An interesting idea for those who love cooking is to have ease of access to fresh ingredients. If you fancy this concept, then the idea of mason jars herb garden is right for you. This indoor herb gardening technique is handy as it adds a natural look and feels to your kitchen space, while it can also be used as culinary staples. Never be afraid to use vibrant colored mason jars. Light colors are known as elements to liven up your space.

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When going green, make sure to position the mason jars in places where they can be exposed to sunlight. Most importantly, don’t you forget to have them watered. In case you are wondering what herbs are perfect for jars as herb housing. We recommend basil, parsley, cilantro, chives, rosemary, and thyme.

Kitchen Lightings

An ideal kitchen standard with a black and white color scheme and a red ceiling.

The main practical use of lightings in your kitchen is to brighten up the space to make it easier for you to find things you need. It also builds an environment that lets you navigate within it. Adding lightings as aesthetics to upscale the vibe within your kitchen space. In case you are considering installing a few more additional lightings. Installing led lights underneath your cabinets and few pendant lights add vibe to space. That will surely complete your ideal kitchen standard setup!

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