Velvet – The Fabric of the Moment

A living room with a blue velvet couch and coffee table.

Sumptuous, glamorous, shimmering, elegant, luxurious, cozy.  All of these words describe velvet, which is enjoying a revitalized recognition among interior designers today.  Forget the staid red velvet of yesteryear that covers those tattered sofas and chairs in your grandmother’s attic.  There are an array of dark, rich velvets and buttery soft pastels and neutrals that convey elegance and modern glamour.

A living room with velvet couches and a fireplace.
A black and white living room with a zebra print rug, showcasing the velvet trend.
A living room with red velvet furniture and a fireplace.

Cut velvet creates beautiful textiles for furniture, throws and curtain panels.  The intricate details of floral-inspired patterns add glamour and elegance to a decorating scheme.  Geometric patterns serve well on accent pieces for the contemporary room.


Three luxurious velvet rugs on a white surface.
Left, Etro for Clarence House (trade only). Middle, Weitzner Fabric (trade only). Right, Jamie Drake for Schumacher. Photos courtesy of Elle Décor
A velvet chair and ottoman in a room with a fireplace.
A velvet couch in front of a window.

Tufting adds dimension and sophistication to velvet furniture.  The classic Chesterfield sofa looks divine in velvet, as does a luxurious chaise lounge.  A contemporary sectional sofa in velvet invites cozy snuggling and warms up a modern space.

Red velvet sofa in a white room.
A green velvet chaise lounge with wooden legs.
Edie Velvet Chaise courtesy of Houzz
A living room with a blue velvet couch and zebra rug.

The bedroom becomes a sumptuous sanctuary with a velvet headboard, cozy chairs and velvet throws.  Pair the velvet headboard with lush bed linens with satin trim and shimmering gold and silver accents for a touch of glamour.

A velvet bed with a zebra print headboard.
A velvet bed with an upholstered headboard and pillows.
Pottery Barn
A grey and white bedroom with a velvet chandelier.

Turn the dining room into an elegant space with velvet covered chairs and window treatments.  Add drama with decorative trim and rope tie-backs.  Pair brightly colored velvet chairs with contemporary acrylic or glass tables for a modern twist on tradition.

A formal dining room with velvet blue chairs and a fireplace.
A dining room with hardwood floors, a blue upholstered wall, and velvet accents.
Photo found on Pinterest
A black velvet dining room with a table and chairs.
A dining room with a velvet tablecloth and chairs.

Explore the jewel-like colors of ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue and deep amethyst to add color to your living areas.  Sink into sofas and chairs in neutral gray, brown, tan and cream velvet for your contemporary or modern home.

A living room with yellow velvet walls and green velvet chairs.


A purple velvet chair with a book on it.








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A living room with framed pictures.
Architectural Digest
A living room with velvet couches, chairs and a coffee table.

From traditional to contemporary and thoroughly modern rooms, velvet can bring a touch of sophistication, glamour and comfort to every space.


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