Dreaming of a White Christmas

A festive living room decorated for a white Christmas.

There’s a wonderland quality about snow falling and a peacefulness that falls over a white wintery landscape.  Bring that wonderland to your home with Christmas decorations of white.  Think snow flocked trees, frosted wreaths, white bows and delicate glass ornaments.

A living room with white furniture and a Christmas tree, perfect for dreaming of a White Christmas.
A cozy living room with a fireplace and a Christmas tree, perfect for dreaming of a White Christmas.
A Christmas-themed living room featuring a white tree.

White Christmas decorations brighten a room and evoke winter days sledding through the snow, as flakes twirl in the air.  A beautiful fir tree that is flocked in snow or an artificial white tree can be the start to your scheme.

A living room with a white Christmas tree, embodying the dream of a winter wonderland.
Dreaming of a White Christmas with snowflakes on the stairs.
A living room transformed into a winter wonderland featuring white furniture and a Christmas tree.

Layer your tree with white ornaments and use feathered boas as garland.  Introduce another color, such as silver or gold, to give depth.  Wrap packages in shimmery white paper with gold and silver ribbons and place them under the tree.  Add sprigs of pine or holly to the ribbons.

Dreaming of a White Christmas with a christmas tree in a living room.
A Christmas tree in front of a chair and stairs, evoking the dream of a White Christmas.
A white Christmas tree in a living room, evoking dreams of a winter wonderland.

Decorate the dining room table with white dishes and crystal glassware.  Use a centerpiece of greenery with candles to create a warm glow.  Create chair accents with white organza tied with sprigs of pine or think angelic with feathery wings attached to the back of chairs.

A white plate with silverware on it, reminiscent of a dreamy White Christmas.
A dining room with white chairs and a Christmas tree, evoking the festive spirit of a White Christmas.

White birds, such as doves and owls, make great wintery additions to a white Christmas theme.  Accent with feathers and icicles to round out the look.  Bring greenery to the mix for added color and depth.  Branches of fir and pine make wonderful perches for the birds.  Sprinkle the arrangement with artificial snow.  Nestle natural bird nests within the branches to complete the scene.

A Christmas mantle adorned with pine cones, Christmas cards, and dreams of a White Christmas.
Crate and Barrel

Sand dollars, starfish and white coral are excellent sources of natural white elements to add to your scheme.  Either used in arrangements and accents around the room or as ornaments on the tree, these touches of the beach add texture and natural beauty.

The Converted Barn as Home
Silver bowl.
White starfish ornaments hanging on a white table, evoking a dreamy White Christmas.
A glass cloche with a deer, tree, and a white Christmas.

For the mantle, create a winter wonderland with greenery and other natural elements.  Hang icicles or snowflakes from the garland.  For added color and elegance lace a pale green ribbon throughout the garland.  Add shimmering glass spheres and candlesticks.  Weave lights through the garland to create a beautiful scene when the lights are low.

A wreath decorated with green leaves and pine cones on a white background, perfect for a dreamy White Christmas.
A mantle adorned with snowflakes and ice skates, evoking the magic of a White Christmas.
Dreaming of Christmas trees in front of a fireplace.

Create a dreamy winter wonderland in your home and enjoy the simple beauty of a white Christmas, while you stay warm by the fire.


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