Things to Consider When Buying Furniture for Your New Home

A living room with blue walls and shelves, filled with furniture.

Let’s be real—choosing furniture for your home can be an anxiety-inducing experience. Exciting, yes! But just as much stress. While it may seem simple at first, it gets overwhelming to find useful, comfortable pieces that not only create a cohesive interior but also reflect your personality!

Somewhere between the bleary-eyed internet research for stylish furniture and hours of exploring inspiring designs at the West Elm store, you are going to come across some existential questions like:

Would that rugged wooden furniture look dated in two years? Does that sofa set make a great statement or is it completely hideous? Does that coffee table fit the mood you want to reflect? So before you get lost in the maze, here are our top tips to tap into your inner stylist and choose furniture that makes your home the Insta-worthy palace of your dreams:

Start With A Theme That Matches Your Style

Before you head out to buy furniture for your home, ask yourself how you would like those spaces to feel. Are you going for a contemporary or a traditional style? Cozy in your living room? Tranquil in your bedroom? Refreshing in your kitchen? No matter which style you pick, each one has corresponding colors, shapes, and textures associated with it.

By identifying how you want your space to feel, you can narrow down your furniture search to the most relevant. This brings us to our next step: Choose pieces that stimulate the vibes you’re aiming for. For instance, if you want your living room to feel comfy and relaxed, go for soft fabrics, soothing colors, and desk lamps for gentle lighting. Or if you’d like your room to feel energized yet minimal, go for pieces with clean, sharp lines!

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A living room with furniture and a gray couch.

Build Around A Focal Point

Don’t worry about everything being perfect. You should rather focus on looking out for furniture pieces that you genuinely love! A rule of thumb: Start with the statement pieces— and then fill in the details, building your room around that focal piece. From here, it gets much easier to find furniture and décor that complements the focal piece’s vibes and colors. For instance, if your statement sofa speaks evokes a Mad Men vibe, fill out space with classical pieces, including teak chairs and mod art prints.

A living room with black and white chevron rugs and furniture.

Pick A Color-scheme That Fits The Mood You Want To Reflect

Colors cannot only accent the existing pieces of furniture but also alleviate the overall vibe and mood of your space! Being mindful of your color scheme — the combination of colors used in one room — will set the mood of your room just right. While pairing neutrals like beige, white, and brown with bursts of bright colors will give off a modest, mid-century vibe, black and greys maybe chic but can close in a space and exude a gloomy vibe.

A living room with blue walls and a coffee table featuring furniture.

Pro Tip: Incorporating warm colored furnishing like— red, orange and yellow feels cozy and personal, whereas light colors like blue and green bring a sense of calmness to the room.

Find Double-duty Storage For Aesthetically Pleasing Utility

Instantly de-clutter your living room by adding storage efficient furniture that helps fill out space while tucking the mess that you don’t want your guests to see. Think Sideboards– which aren’t just pretty to look at, but they seamlessly tuck away the clutter to make your space look clean and organized.

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What’s more; Gallery walls that showcase a potpourri of art and framed photos—are a popular hack to make way for a more cohesive look while filling out the wall space above a sideboard.

Four different pictures of a wooden cabinet with shelves and a door, showcasing furniture.

Pro Tip: Small, yet aesthetically pleasing organizers like magazine racks, woven baskets, or coffee tables with drawers are perfect for those days when your hectic lifestyle gets in the way of your simple and minimalistic aesthetic.

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