Boost Your Interiors with Color

A living room with a vibrant red rug.

Color.  So much can be said of this design staple.  Color can transform a room.  Color can add personality and style.  Color can ignite creativity and inspire new ways to see your interiors.  Color can wake up spaces, infusing your surroundings with life and pizazz.  Let’s explore some rooms that have embraced color and learn how you can boost your interiors with color.

A vibrant living room with colorful couches and a coffee table.
A bright and colorful home (vi-sualize)
A room with a green wall and yellow chair to boost your interiors with color.
Apple green walls provide the perfect backdrop for artwork (Pinterest)
A colorful living room with a chalkboard on the wall.
Pops of color throughout the room (waveavenue)

Upholstery is a significant way to boost color in your interiors.  One furniture piece with a vivid color in a sea of neutrals can make a large impact.

Boost Your Interiors with Yellow Furniture.
Yellow sofa adds a pop of color (homedit)
Boost Your Interiors with Colorful Furniture.
Bright fuchsia fabric enhances this wing chair (quintessence.parisenne)

In a room with a fine balance of black and white, purple upholstered chairs make the room come alive.  These chairs make a bold statement in this dining area.

A colorful living room with a table and chairs.
Purple chairs add a pop of color (Pinterest)

Carrying a color throughout an open space works to balance the color.  This sofa color is reflected in the kitchen and on the dining and coffee tables with the use of accessories.

A living room with a purple couch and a coffee table that boosts your interiors with color.
Purple and gold upholstery adds personality (

This little seating nook is made light and inviting with a wonderful shade of blue.  You can see the walls are painted blue, blending this room into the overall design.

Boost Your Living Room Interiors with a Blue Couch and Chairs.
Beautiful blue fabrics enliven this seating area (blog.fabfurnish)

A vibrant and modern color scheme of lime, turquoise and fuchsia is appealing in this open dining space.  Notice how the vases on the sideboard pick up the color of the lamp and the painting mirrors the colors in the console table, sofa and dining chair.

Boost Your Interiors with Brightly Colored Dining Room Table and Chairs.
A mix of vivid colors dominate this dining room (swarta)

Don’t be afraid to work with unexpected color combinations.  This bright orange sofa adds a vibrant punch to this purple room.  The black of the mirror frame and lampshades grounds the space and offers a relief from the lavender walls.  The white trim and cornices highlight the space.

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A living room with vibrant purple and orange accents to boost your interiors with color.
An orange sofa gives interest to this purple room (Pinterest)

White provides a neutral background for a multiple color palette.  The varied fabrics on this sofa, along with colorful accessories and rugs, are highlighted beautifully against the white walls and shelving.

A living room with vibrant furniture.
A colorful mix of furnishings (homedit)

Here, soft blue-gray walls amplify the blue of the furniture and accessories.  This space radiates with color.  Flowers and throw pillows infuse contrasting colors into the mix for interest.

Boost Your Interiors with Blue Furniture.
Vivid blue furniture highlights this space (denoxa)

A neutral background allows you to sprinkle a mixture of colors throughout a space.  The general rule of thumb is to limit colors to three.  However, each color has different tones, which creates a layered approach to color.

Boost Your Interiors with Colorful Accents.
Colorful upholstered accent pieces, pillows, lamps and artwork spark this living area (

Accessories are an easy and often inexpensive way to add color to your rooms.  A beautiful vase, a lamp, artwork, or even pillows and throws can contribute to color variety in a room.

Boost Your Interiors with Color: A living room with a black chair and colorful accents.
Accessories and pillows add touches of color (HGTV)
An orange chair elevating living room interiors with color.
Layer color with accessories (interiordesignfiles)
Boost Your Living Room Interiors with a Striped Wall.
Infuse color with pillows and throws (Houzz)

Don’t forget the floors when designing your room.  Rugs are an ideal way to add color.  Mix stripes, color-blocked or richly patterned rugs with neutral interiors for a spot of color and pattern, or enhance vibrant interiors.

Boost Your Interiors with a Colorful Living Room
Rugs and artwork add color (freshome)
Keywords: Colorful rug, living room.
Rug and pillows add a touch of color to this white room (architectureartdesign)
A vibrant striped rug in a living room to boost your interiors with color.
Color is highlighted with the rug (homeportfolio)

Design a room or several rooms with one central color.  Choose a color that you love; one that you can see yourself living with comfortably, and design your space around your choice.

Boost Your Interiors with Yellow.
Yellow brightens this home (home-designing)
Boost Your Interiors with Colorful Walls and Furniture
Fuchsia highlights this colorful room (homedecorthai)

This sunny room uses a variation of the color orange for dimensional appeal.

Boost Your Interiors with Orange
Lovely shades of orange keep this room bright and cheerful (lushome)
A living room decorated in a vibrant red and crisp white color scheme.
A beautiful red room (home-decoratinganddesign.BlogSpot)

See in the home below how the color tones change from room to room.  The plum palette goes from light to dark and is enhanced with orange curtain panels.

Boost Your Interiors with Purple.
Vivid walls and contrasting fabrics provide the wow factor (brabbu)

Vibrant turquoise envelops the room below and highlights the patterned sofa.  The chair picks up the fuchsia tones of the sofa fabric, and pops of yellow appear in the pillows and flowers.

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A colorful living room with blue walls and vibrant furniture to boost your interiors.
Bold walls highlight this bright room (culturescribe)

The bright yellow is off-set with a neutral sofa and balanced with orange and turquoise accents.

A living room with vibrant yellow walls and furniture that boosts your interiors with color.
Brightness prevails with walls, furnishings and accents (apartmenttherapy)

Color can be added to a space with accents in small bursts or as an overall feature of the design.

A living room with a colorful table and chairs.
Splashes of red enliven this space (
A living room with colorful couches and a cozy fireplace.
Colorful fabric brings vibrancy to this room (jmyersandassociates)

Color can work magic on your interiors.  It is easier than you think to work with color.  If in doubt, limit it to three colors and use a variety of tones.  Can’t make up your mind and just love color?  Experiment and infuse your home with your own unique color personality.  Boost your interiors with color and embrace a vibrant home!


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