15 most beautiful steps in the world

A woman is sitting on a set of steps.

Do you love the street art? Are you fascinated about exploring new places and new touristic attractions? Do you love travelling and do you are always in search of unusual architectures? If you have answered “yes” at least at one of this questions, well, this article about the 15 most beautiful steps in the world fits for you! Enjoy the gallery!

  1. Seoul, South Korea: Stairs of the musical theatre. The stairs that leads to the musical theatre of Seoul, is considered one of the most beautiful outdoor staircases in the world. On the steps there is the painting of a “geisha”, a typical oriental woman, who wears the traditional kimono.   

    A painting of a Chinese woman on the steps.
    most beautiful painted steps in the world
  2. San Francisco, California: In the 16th Avenue in San Francisco there is a stunning staircase composed by 163 steps totally covered with colourful mosaics. This steps is a real work of art and it is considered on of the most beautiful staircases in the world
    A vibrant stairway leading up to a building.
    street art in 16th Avenue, San Francisco

    A person is climbing colorful steps.
    stunning staircase in San Franisco, California
  3. Beirut , Lebanon  “The Saint Nicholas steps“. This staircase is one of the most famous painted steps of the Lebanese capital. Located not far from the city center, this wonderful stair consists of 100 colored steps

    Colorfully painted steps leading up to a building.
    Amazing Saint Nicholas Stairs, Beirut, Lebanon
  4. Caltagirone, Sicily (Italy). The “Santa Maria del Monte” staircase is one of the most famous touristic attraction of the little town of Caltagirone. the steps are painted with blue floral themes. This is, without doubt, one of the most amazing staircases in the world

    A staircase adorned with red and white flowers.
    beautiful staircase with painted flowers. Caltagirone, Sicily, Italy
  5. Valparaiso, Chile, the “Piano staircase“. Multiethnic and multicultural city , Valparaiso is considered the main cultural and artistic center of Chile. This stunning steps, painted like a piano, is one of the most famous works of street art of the city

    Piano steps in Santiago, Chile.
    amazing staircase with the painting of a piano in Valparaíso, Chile
  6. Syria, “Stairs of Peace”. The so-called “stairs of the peace ” in Syria is not only a work of street art but it is also a symbol of the union between different peoples, flags, cultures and nations.

    A vibrant staircase leading up to a building.
    Steps of Peace in Syria
  7. Morlaix France.  This amazing steps, built ​​in the French town of Morlaix , attracts millions of visitors every year and impresses for its realism and its attention to the details

    A painting of a woman on a set of steps.
    Morlaix, France, one of the most original painted staircases from around the world
  8. Philadelphia, Museum of art. The stair that leads to the Museum of Art in Philadelphia is a terrific  work of art. It reproduces the portrait of the famous artist Salvador Dali with its unmistakable mustaches.

    A group of people are descending steps while carrying a painting.
    Philadelphia, the famous staircase that leads to the Museum of Art
  9. Seoul, South Korea the ” Staircase of carps“. Colourful, original and funny, this steps has become one of the major touristic attractions of South Korea and it’s one of the most famous staircases of the world.

    A stairway with steps painted in koi fish design.
    terrific steps in Seoul, South Korea
  10. Noriaki, Poland the “Staircase of pencils”.  A staircase painted with colorful and funny pencils will welcome you during your visit to the city of Noriaki in Poland.

    Colorful pencils on steps.
    Noriaki, Poland the beautiful staircase of pensil
  11. Belgrade, the “Staircase of the carpet“. Among the most amazing and stunning staircases of the world, we definitely have to mention this stair built in Belgrade. all the steps are decorated with vivid red colours that make it seem a sort of  giant carpet

    A red, yellow, and blue rug on wooden steps.
    Belgrade, the colored step of the carpet
  12. Chicago, US . The staircase  that leads to the Art Institute of Chicago, is a real masterpiece of street art

    The steps are made of glass.
    Chicago, the original steps that leads to the Art Institute Of Chicago
  13. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the “Selarón steps”.  You can’t say that you have visited Rio de Janeiro if you don’t have seen the famous Selarón staircase. Created by the Chilean artist Selarón who gave the name to this stair, the Selaron step is soon become one of the most important symbols of Rio. According to the artist, who  choose the typical coulors of the Brazilian national flag, this steps is an homage  and a tribute to the Brazilian people

    Rio de janeiro steps.
    Selaron staircase, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  14. Rio de Janerio. In addition to the famous steps of “Selarón”, Rio is full of  many works of street art and colorful stairways . This one, with the painting of man, is one of the most famous staircases of the city

    Rio de Janeiro's vibrant street art scene showcases stunning murals on the city's walls.
    Rio de Janeiro is rich of works of street art and is full of artistic staircases
  15. Ottawa, Canada “The wolf and the girl staircase“. Stunning staircase that leads to downtown.
A white wolf painted on a wall steps.
Ottawa, Canada “The wolf and the girl staircase

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