Reclaimed Wood – Let it Tell a Story in Your Home

A cozy home bar with reclaimed wood stools and a fireplace.

More and more people are opting for reclaimed wood products in their homes.  From accessories and furniture to beams, walls and flooring, used wood is making its way into homes.  Not only is reclaimed wood a smart choice environmentally, but it makes a strong statement decoratively.  By using reclaimed wood in your home, you are helping the environment while creating one-of-a-kind elements.

A room with many guitars hanging on the reclaimed wood wall.
Reclaimed wood provides a great backdrop for this display of guitars (
Reclaimed wood staircase in a modern building.
Reclaimed wood fashioned into a stunning staircase (leullalondon.blogspot)

The major advantages of reclaimed wood are its durability, low maintenance and history.  Used wood is generally of better quality compared to current lumber supplies because it is taken from old-growth trees.  Recycled wood requires less maintenance because it has already stood the test of time and is worn.  The sense of history in reclaimed wood appeals to many.  It adds character to a space and tells a story.

A living room with a fireplace and reclaimed wood.
Barn doors using reclaimed wood (fairfaxtimes)
A living room with reclaimed wood beams and white furniture.
Recycled wood beams accent this light-filled home (whimsicalhomeandgarden)
A living room with a grey couch and reclaimed wood accents.
Accent a wall with reclaimed wood to add character (houserevivals.BlogSpot)

Furniture created from recycled wood can be very unique, whether newly refinished or left in the original state.  The appeal of unfinished rustic wood surfaces lends toward its popularity today.  Beds, cabinets, tables and seating are created from recycled wood for its character and a desire to own something that has a unique history.

A bed made from reclaimed wood.
A recycled piece of wood makes a stylish headboard (greenecoservices)
A reclaimed wood nightstand with two drawers and a vase.
A side table made from recycled wood (Pinterest)
A charming sideboard made from reclaimed wood with colorful doors.
A character-rich chest made from re-used wood (shop.tradingplacesinteriors)
A reclaimed wood chest of drawers adding character to a well-lit room.
Chest using weathered wood (wpinkjade123.blogspot)
A wooden table with a vase on it, crafted from reclaimed wood to tell a story in your home.
Table and chairs using recycled wood (interiordesigningblog)

Making an accent wall from repurposed cladding creates a character-filled space and adds a distinctive touch.  Wood siding, old lumber and crates can be repurposed for walls.  Paint boards or leave them in their original state for a more authentic look.

A living room with a reclaimed wooden wall.
Painted recycled boards make a great accent wall (houserevivals.blogspot)
A blue buffalo company logo displayed in a living room with reclaimed wood.
Recycled wood walls (bobijensen)
A bedroom with a reclaimed wood wall and a cozy bed.
A recycled wood panel accents this wall (Pinterest via diyrenopins)
A modern kitchen with reclaimed wood wall.
Accent wall using reclaimed wood (pinteresthomedecor)

Countertops cut from reclaimed wood make a handsome addition to the kitchen.  The countertop blends seamlessly when combined with stone walls, tile floors and contrasting wood cabinets.  For the rustic, country or industrial style kitchen, this is a winning combination.

5 Design Ideas to Enhance Your Home and Kitchen Interior
A large kitchen with stone walls and a reclaimed wood island.
Wood countertop (dailyhomedecorideas)
A kitchen with reclaimed wood floors and a brick wall.
Wood countertops and open shelving bring character to this kitchen (dailyhomedecorideas)

Reusing old flooring in a new home or simply refinishing the original hardwood floors of a home create a warm space and impart plenty of character.  Accent wood floors with colorful throw rugs to add softness, color and dimension.

A dining room showcasing reclaimed wood furniture.
Beautiful repurposed wood flooring (homebunch)

Decorative elements from reclaimed wood are the finishing touch to a room.  They add a unique character and depth to a room’s design.  A wine rack made from old wood crates or a bookshelf made from various recycled woods brings function to highly decorative pieces.  For the most impact, use old crates to create a display for a collection or favorite pieces.

A Reclaimed Wood Bar Cart with Bottles and Flowers, Let it Tell a Story in Your Home.
Wine rack from reclaimed wood (popsugar)
A reclaimed wood bookcase adorned with an assortment of books.
Bookshelves utilizing different sources of wood (houserevivals.blogspot)
Reclaimed wood crates on a wooden table.
Reuse wood crates for displaying collectibles (custommade)

Create your own works of art using reclaimed wood.  Paint it, stain it and embellish it with your own creations for one-of-a-kind pieces to display.

A reclaimed wood lip on the wall of a restaurant, telling a story.
Art created from reused wood (dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot)
A reclaimed wood heart hanging on a wall.
Create your own art with recycled wood (Pinterest)

Reclaimed wood is environmentally savvy and can be worked into any design style.  It is durable, requires little maintenance and tells a unique story.  Create something for yourself from reclaimed wood or use it in the construction of your home.  Either way, reclaimed wood has a great story to tell.

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