Unique Bedroom Designs to Inspire a Fresh Look

A unique bedroom with a fireplace and a colorful rug.

There comes a time when you are ready for a fresh new look in your bedroom.  Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new home, or maybe you’re just ready to update your furniture.  Perhaps you just want to start fresh with a brand new look.  Here are some unique bedroom designs to inspire a fresh look.

A bedroom with unique blue walls and gold accents.
Unique bedroom design (interiorsbycolor)

Art is a great way to infuse new life and color into your bedroom.  A wall mural or painting can inspire you, providing a jumping off point for style and color.  Take cues from the artwork to decorate the room.  The artwork you choose doesn’t have to be a masterpiece.  Using simple framed artwork is just as effective and can inspire an entirely new look.  If you love it, hang it up and go from there.

A unique bedroom with a large bed and a large painting on the wall.
Art takes center stage in this bedroom design (mastersuiteideas)
A unique bedroom with blue walls and butterflies on the wall to inspire a fresh look.
Butterfly artwork enhances this bedroom design (memorabledecor)

Create your own art with chalkboard paint on a feature wall.  Clever designs, words of inspiration and a few frames work wonders in this bedroom.  A yellow headboard and accents give a pop of sunny color.

A black and white bedroom with unique yellow accents.
Chalkboard paint lets artistic expression reign in this bedroom design (decoist)

Go for drama with a luxurious headboard or a unique furniture piece.  To add interest, find a unique vintage chest of drawers or dresser, paint it and add new hardware.  Create a custom upholstered headboard or repurpose furniture or architectural elements to construct one of your own design.  If you truly want to splurge, shop for a custom-designed artisan bed to take center stage.

A bedroom with unique gold accents to inspire a fresh look.
A lavish headboard takes center stage in this bedroom design (home-designing)
A unique bedroom with a bed, dresser, and a lamp.
Unique furnishings gives this bedroom a fresh modern look (freshome)
A unique bedroom with a canopy bed.
A lavish bed for a magical bedroom design (travelingmind2anywhere)

Enliven your bedroom with a burst of color.  Paint a wall in a bold color and add accents in contrasting colors for an overall vivid look.  Remember that black helps neutralize colors and gives a room structure.  Try to include something black in a boldly colored room.

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A unique bedroom with red walls and a bed.
Brilliant color transforms this bedroom (qc2framework)
A fresh and unique yellow and white bedroom design to inspire a fresh look.
Pops of yellow give this bedroom fresh style (yacineaziz)

Create luxury with shimmery silk and satin bedding.  Make it formal with perfectly symmetrical design.  Top it all off with a bed canopy.

An inspiring bedroom with a unique design featuring a bed and a couch.
Lavish style makes this bedroom special (apartmentlifestyle.net)

Cool blues and grays are a serene mix for the bedroom.  Accent this popular color scheme with silver and mirrored accents.

A unique bedroom with gray walls and a chandelier.
Serene colors give this bedroom a relaxing vibe (Zillow)

A solid color scheme gives the bedroom a uniform look that is instantly appealing.  For a simple color scheme, add pattern for interest.  This bedroom balances pattern and color well by mirroring pattern on the window shades and area rug.

A unique bedroom design featuring a bed, dresser, and a chandelier to inspire a fresh look.
This bedroom style is clear and distinct (hipocampo.net)

Bedrooms allow for creativity and luxury to shine through.  This is a place of rest and relaxation.  The bedroom is often the sanctuary of the home and should be given the chance to shine.  Create a fresh new look with unique bedding, artwork, furnishings and color schemes.  Then just ease back and take it all in.



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