18 Ways to Repurpose Wood Crates in Your Home

A desk featuring repurposed wood crates and books.

Wood crates are a popular flea market commodity today.  They have endless uses outside of their originally intended use, therefore making them a hot item to repurpose in the home.  Here are 18 ways to repurpose wood crates in your home.

  1.  Shelving

Stack crates freeform or uniform to create a unique shelving unit.  Attach several together and stack beside each other in rows.  Fasten crates to a wall for a sturdy and safe shelving unit.

A wooden crate filled with books.
Shelving unit made from repurposed wood crates (netnewengland)
A living room with bookshelves and fireplace featuring repurposed wood crates.
Shelving unit made of repurposed wood crates (trendir)
Repurpose wood crates in a room with bookshelves and a chair.
Shelving unit made of repurposed wood crates (trendir)
A room full of books on repurposed wood crates.
Fit wood crates into a wall nook for shelving and storage (blog.diynetwork)

2.  Shoe Storage

Never enough shoes means never enough storage for shoes!  Fashion shoe storage from old crates for the closet or a dedicated space in the bedroom.

A closet full of wooden crates repurposed for shoe storage.
Shoe storage made from wood crates (amixedbag.typepad)

3.  Mudroom or Foyer Storage and Organization

Attach several crates to the wall for unique storage in the mudroom or foyer for shoes and other belongings.  Paint the crates or leave them in their natural state for a more rustic look.

Colorful shoe racks on a wall in a hallway repurposed from wood crates.
Mudroom or foyer storage using repurposed wood crates (brit)

4.  Kitchen Storage

Use wood crates to organize and store items in the open concept kitchen.

A kitchen with lots of repurposed wood crates and baskets.
Kitchen storage created using wood crates (moderninteriordesignz.blogspot)

5.  Kitchen Display

Display and store food and decorative items on stacked wood crates.  Attach crates to the wall or arrange them around the kitchen.  Use crates for beverages and glassware for an instant kitchen bar area.

A kitchen with lots of jars on the wall repurposes wood crates.
Kitchen storage using repurposed wood crates (Country Living)
A wooden crate with bottles and a bottle of wine.
Kitchen display using repurposed wood crates (Houzz)

6.  Bathroom Shelving and Storage

When a lack of countertop space has you in a fluster, use old wood crates for wall storage and display in the bathroom.

A bathroom with a wooden crate.
Bathroom shelves fashioned from repurposed wood crates (decoist)

7.  Entertainment Center

Create a one-of-a-kind entertainment center with old crates.

A living room with a wooden crate.
Entertainment center using repurposed wood crates (hipsterhead)

8.  Ottoman or Stool

Fortify wood crates for strength and add an upholstered top for a unique ottoman or stool.

A wooden crate repurposed as a cushioned seat.
Ottoman created from an old crate (decohubs)
A bedroom with a bed and dresser.
Bench created from repurposed wood crates (decorfox)

9.  Coffee Table

Repurpose wood crates for a coffee table.  Refinish the crates to smooth the surface and give the coffee table a more refined look.

Creative Do-it-yourself Ideas for Shelves
Wooden crate coffee table - repurpose, wood crates.
Stylish coffee table created from repurposed wood crates (upcyclethat)

10.  Unique Decorative Storage

Embellish an existing crate or make your own with wooden yardsticks.  Use this as a display piece or for decorative storage.

A wooden crate repurposed with a clock on top.
Decorative storage from a DIY crate of wood yard sticks (bestofinteriors)

11.  Hanging Display

Hang different size crates at varying heights from the ceiling to create hanging displays.

18 Ways to Repurpose Wood Crates in Your Living Room
Hang crates from the ceiling for display as shown at the Paris Flea Market (parismarket.blogspot)

12.  Decorative Accent

Use the crate as is for a display piece under a table or on a shelf.  Show off any distinctive labels on the crate.

A white shelf with books and plants.
Use old crates in a decorative display (Houzz)

13.  Toy Chest

Put wheels on an old crate and turn it into a portable toy chest.

18 ways to repurpose wooden crates in your home.
Create a rolling toy chest with a repurposed wood crate (Houzz)

14.  Pet Bed

Make a comfy spot for Fido of Fluffy by repurposing a crate as a pet bed.  Add legs for more decorative appeal.

Repurpose: A wooden crate with a leopard print cushion and potted plants.
Repurpose an old wood crate into a dog bed (Etsy)

15.  Garden Storage and Planting

Use wood crates in the garden for storage and planting.  Use crates in the yard for container gardening.

Wooden crates with plants in them can be repurposed in your home.
Use wood crates in the garden for storage and planting (dishfunctoinaldesigns.blogspot)

16.  Desk Storage

Add drawers to a desk by using crates.

Two stools and a wooden desk with two monitors.
Create desk storage using old wood crates (Houzz)

17.  Office Display and Storage

Use crates for display and storage in the home office.  Wallpaper or paint the interiors for a decorative look.

18 Ways to Repurpose Wood Crates in Your Home with a desk and yellow chair.
Repurpose old wood crates for office storage and display (makalepark)

18.  Wall Display

Arrange crates on the wall for a unique wall display.  This is a great way to show off collections, such as vintage pottery, glass or cameras.

A living room with a fireplace and shelves featuring wood crates.
Use wood crates as wall display (Pinterest)

Pick up a few crates at the flea market and see how many unique ways you can repurpose these in your home.


3 thoughts on “18 Ways to Repurpose Wood Crates in Your Home”

  1. I am all about reusing things to make the most out of them, so I love these ideas! I especially like the idea of putting wooden crates together to make a shoe storage area. My husband always says that I have too many shoes and that they take up too much room in the closet. Something like this would probably make us both happy! I imagine that you could also do a similar things with your kids for their clothes or toys or whatever you’d like!

  2. I had no idea that wooden crates could be used for some many things at home. I recently got a lot of old wooden crates I no longer need so I’ve been looking for ways to make them useful. I really like the idea of using them for kitchen storage. I think they blend in well with the other wooden fixtures and would last a long time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the idea that you suggested about using crates as shelving for a bathroom by hanging it up on the wall. This is such a cute display idea when it comes to needing to create more counter space. This is something that I will have to keep in mind when it comes to redecorating our guest bathroom.

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