Wallpaper doesn’t have to be boring

A bedroom with a colorful bird on a blue wall.

We have always seen them as modest background accessories that seamlessly participate in the look of the home. However, over the years, wallpaper has become a true work of art, taking on a significant role in home decor. Whether it is the living room, bedroom, or any other room wallpaper may be the first thing you see when you enter. Daring designers allowed wallpaper to take on the lead role, and they made no mistake.

A colorful collage of wallpapers in a living room.
Wallpaper can truly be a staple in decorating your home

Be courageous

A couple of years ago, suddenly, the wallpaper became a cool choice for any space, and accordingly, their popularity grew. We are sure that in 2020, one of the statement trends in interior decoration will continue to be wallpapers that can turn any room into a special place.

To choose such bold wallpapers, you need to think carefully about how you will fit the wall image with furniture. Don’t be afraid to have intense colors in your home, but make sure that everything doesn’t grow into a big mess. Maybe an interior designer can help you in your decisions by giving you a few guidelines on how to get started.

Four pictures of a living room with a fireplace and green colorful wallpaper.
Strong colors on the walls can be a great fit for decoration, but you have to make sure the colors match the furniture you have

Choose wisely

Also, decide how much surface you want to cover with wallpaper. If these are very colorful wallpapers with nature pictures or something like that, you don’t want to cover all four walls of your room. This would give you a somewhat chaotic feeling, and the beauty would be significantly disturbed. Instead, choose to cover one wall that fits best, thus truly beautifying the space.

It can be a great idea to have your walls a neutral color, with a slight tone, and to put colorful wallpaper on the ceiling. We are sure it will cause a lot of admiration from your guests. And in this case, choose wallpapers that match the colors of your furniture to complete the impression.

Multi-purpose Furniture for the Thrifty

However, we suggest ideas like this for more substantial rooms like the living room or the bathroom. In small corridors, a very colorful ceiling can add to the feeling of congested space.

A colorful collage of different floral wallpapers decorating a living room.
For very colorful ones, choose the one wall where you will place the wallpaper and which will be most prominent

Last tip, choose higher quality wallpapers, although they are significantly more expensive. Thin and substandard wallpaper can actually counter-effect and clog your space. If you’re opting for a sleek and impressive wallpaper look, sacrifice some budget and choose the best.

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