How to choose sprinkler controller for gardening

A picture of a smart phone and a smart thermostat along with tips on choosing a sprinkler controller for gardening.

You may not always find the time to devote to watering your garden, lawn or vegetable patch. Thus, getting a sprinkler controller may save you time and allow you to activate or deactivate it remotely without the need of going out. Some of the best sprinklers controllers out there can automatically regulate – and potentially reduce – water use for the garden sprinkler or irrigation system, and allow you to easily control schedules, manage your system remotely and integrate irrigation with other smart home tasks. In this article, we will tell exactly how to choose sprinkler controller for gardening.

How are water sprinkler controller useful?

When you go on vacation, you are always afraid of finding your plants dead or dried up by the heat of summer. It is a legitimate fear for all those who take the time to maintain their plantations and beautify their garden or balcony. Failing to have an invention that allows you to take your plants everywhere with you, makes this option very practical. A device that allows you to automatically water your plants during your absence. It is a particularly practical solution which will exempt you from all the efforts you usually make for gardening.

What can you use a sprinkler controller for?

The balcony or terrace sparkling controller is not only useful during a prolonged absence. It can be of great service when you do not have time to water your plants or want to enjoy a little rest after a hard day. Choosing the best sprinkler controller will allow you not only to regularly supply your plants with water, but it will enable you to do so efficiently. With direct watering at the roots, a sprinkler controller also saves water consumption. It is therefore also an ecological alternative! No need for batteries or electricity: everything is done from a hose system connecting different drippers and providing water independently and individually to your plants.

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The best sprinkler Controllers

Here are two of the best sprinkler controllers in the market. We have read several reviews and even tested the Rain Machine sprinkler controller so we can help you buy a product that will satisfy you.

Rachio 3

A smart home device for gardening with a smart phone next to it.

We cannot talk about the best sprinkler controllers without mentioning Rachio 3. It is the latest model of smart sprinkler controller.  It provides functionality Simple plug-and-play for horticultural practitioners and flexibility in coordinating major gardens by adjusting the irrigation system in the context of advanced settings. This model has the largest and most visible LED indicators to tell you the area that was irrigated.

Rain Machine Touch HD

A smart phone with a weather app for gardening.

This sprinkler controller has a built-in touch screen and does not require access to the Internet, thus you can better control even in offline mode. You can access all its features through a smartphone application or web interface via your internet network. RainMachine app is less easy than Rachio controller, and while both allow you to tinker with different settings, Rachio 3 hides most advanced settings if you don’t need them whereas RainMachine Touch HD keeps everything visible which makes its use a little disappointing for a regular home owner.

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