Kitchen Garden Ideas for Every Home Gardener

Fresh vegetables harvested by a home gardener in a wicker basket on a wooden table.

Gardening can become nearly like an addiction. Growing plants and flowers is incredibly soothing, whether you do it in the A.M or the P.M after work. Watching the flowers bloom and the beauty of nature as it unfurls in front of you is awe-inspiring. However, not every home has space for an extensive garden.

Some of you might have a windowsill or a balcony available to you. You might end up thinking that you just don’t have the space for a garden. This is nearly never true! Even if you have a windowsill or inside your house, you always have room for a garden. So how can you fulfill your kitchen gardening dreams? Let’s take a look.

You Just Have a Little Space – Container Gardening

If you just have a bit of space available to you, you can skip the giant gardens you see in magazines. Instead, choose some beautiful containers and a sunny spot to do some container gardening. Container gardening is just like the name sounds. You grow some easy-to-manage plants in suitable containers. When starting this, there are some things to keep in mind.

Firstly, you should choose plants that aren’t too big. Plants like basil or oregano are a better choice than fruit trees. You should also search for plants from around the world that are unusual for your area, like lemongrass or aloe vera. These are plants you can cook with and have other benefits like aromatherapy and beauty. After all, your windowsill shouldn’t be reserved for only edible trees! 

You Have Only Indoor Space – Indoor Plants and Hydroponics

When you can only garden indoors, consider choosing indoor house plants or even a hydroponic garden if you’d like to grow edible plants and trees. Indoor plants have little to no need for sunlight, so you can get by letting them stay inside. With hydroponics, you have several options you can choose for your garden.

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You can set up your indoor garden in a room or even a countertop. There are machines available in gardening stores and online that can push your fledging garden off the ground. However, if you feel that is too expensive an option, you can search for DIY hydroponic setups cheap and reliable. Your plant will do just as well whether you choose the DIY route or the store-bought route.

You Have Some Outdoor Space – Backyard Garden

If you have access to a backyard, you can make your mini botanical garden! Even with a small or medium-sized backyard, you should be able to fit in many more plants than you would expect. Your backyard garden can have trellises for creepers to extend the space vertically instead of taking up horizontal space.

You can invest in raised beds, too, as it allows you to extend your growing season. This way, you can harvest for your home for a little longer and get some beautiful organic treats all year long. If you like asparagus, you can choose to invest some time and effort and maintain a permanent asparagus bed too! This is an excellent entry into permaculture and nearly free to start.

You Have Lots of Outdoor Space – Landscape Gardening

If you have a huge backyard, you can choose to invest in a landscape garden. A landscape garden has been beautifully and aesthetically designed to bloom and grow to achieve a specific visual effect. This is an excellent choice for large spaces as it helps organize the plants and trees. It makes the entry to the garden or gardens beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

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While you can make a landscape garden on your own, it is probably best to enlist some help, so you don’t end up staying away from your home for too long. Choose a mix of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers for your landscape garden as you want it to look full and lush all through the growing seasons. Search for edible flowers if you want everything in your garden to be edible exclusively.

Important Note: Maintenance

Whatever type of garden you have, you will still need to carry out maintenance on your garden. Whether you have a container garden or landscape gardens, there are some typical maintenance routines you will need to carry out to preserve the beauty you have grown. You will need some tools like rakes, shovels, and gardening gloves to do this as well.

You have to search for fertilizer for your garden, and you can choose between buying or making your own organic or inorganic fertilizer. If you have outdoor gardens, the ground has to be prepared for growing crops. All outdoor gardens also have to guard against drought, soil depletion, and frost, so make sure you search for the precautions you need to take before starting your gardens.

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