Ideas for extensive gardens: 7 creative ways to use an ample space


Our enormous garden ideas are brimming with the most up-to-date design inspiration and tips, just what you need to form your sizable plot. We can assist you in realizing your idea and obtaining the outdoor space you wish for. Our advice ranges from easy planting suggestions to fill your outdoor space with year-round color and excitement to clever ways to help divide and cozy up a dreary, barren plot.


Create a comprehensive plan for your garden layout ideas, but often, limited funds and other obligations prevent immediate implementation. But keep hope; by focusing only on one modest region, such as the area next to the house or a single feature of your elaborate garden plans, you can gradually transform your area and take pleasure in the results.


Join the area with an elevated reflective pool.

(Image credit: Rae Wilkinson Garden and Landscape Design)

Nothing may be more dramatic in a vast, open plot of land than a water feature idea to add light and a sense of space. Rills and high water features offer captivating reflections and a stark contrast to smooth paving and dense planting areas. Watch the clouds scud overhead and immerse yourself in the water’s surface ripples caused by the slightest breeze. This layout connects the central lawn to the greenhouse and kitchen garden ideas by a sizable elevated rectangular pool framed by two rows of pleached hornbeams. The fretwork sphere and tiered water feature are meticulously lighted from below.


Choose a flexible garden shelter.

(Image credit: Garden House Design/Renson)


A robust and adaptable shelter is an excellent investment for your large garden ideas, whether you require a covered area for entertaining, working exercise, or simply relaxing. It will not only alter how you use your garden, but it also creates a striking focal point.

Make Your Yard a Relaxing Oasis with Outdoor Decor Ideas

Patio cover designs range considerably, from straightforward wooden pergolas with canvas linings to large, computerized shelters. More expensive designs have features like retractable screens and rotating slatted louver panels that may be arranged into various covers depending on the occasion and the weather.

You might consider including sound and heating elements and cold or warm white or color-changing LEDs into the beams or roof blades.

Try some planting in the Prairie

(Image credit: Sussex Prairie Gardens)


You can highlight a big, open area with some prairie-style plants for your garden borders. Imagine large expanses of colorful perennials and grasses blowing in the wind, creating a show that changes seasonally.

Keeping to a limited palette of plants and repeating them at regular intervals is the key to making this planting successful. Plant them in ribbons and drifts, interlacing them to form a rich tapestry.


Set up a wildlife pond

(Image credit: Claudia de Yong Designs)


Build a pond to establish your new hangout and contribute to wildlife conservation. It’s incredible how rapidly it can change a featureless plot because it attracts birds, insects, and mammals.

The following advice comes from designer Claudia de Yong, who has experience working on ponds. “No matter what size or type a water feature is, the moment you add one to a garden, you add new dimensions. The sound of water lazily flowing over rocks and stones is soothing. Your garden will have more depth if there are reflections of trees, plants, and even buildings.


Use an eye-popping sculpture to add drama

(Image credit: David Harber)


Think big if your plot is sizable. Few carefully selected huge features will have an enormous effect than overcrowding the area with numerous more minor features. Carefully consider how and where to cite sculptures. Do you want to place them as the focal point of a striking arrangement at the far end of a long, bordered grass or concrete terrace, or would you aim for surprise by tucking them away in a secret nook, a distinct garden “room” enclosed by heavy hedging?

Perk Up Your Rooms with Flower Arrangements

Artwork’s design and material selection. A trimmed yew hedge or ivy-covered garden wall ideas are great backdrops for contemporary works, while more detailed, classic designs look stunning in front of loose, airy, thickly planted borders.

Make room for an outdoor kitchen

(Image credit: Gaze Burvill)


Recent demand to maximize our houses’ space has accelerated the trend toward installing outdoor kitchens. If you have the room, consider building an additional lounge area to make outdoor cooking a social event. 

According to Simon Burvill, the founder of Gaze Burvill, “Our demand for a fantastic outdoor environment has moved much beyond a portable grill and fold-away garden furniture, and instead, these are now required to be completely functional living spaces.” “With locations to unwind, cook, entertain, and eat, we can design separate rooms to give an organic indoor-outdoor flow,” the architect said.

When thinking about how to construct an outdoor kitchen, enough prep and storage space is essential, just like in an indoor kitchen. Choose a combination of drawers and cabinets, and where room and money permit, add built-in refrigerators, wine coolers, and ice drawers.

Plan to build a natural swimming pond

(Image credit: Gartenart Swimming Ponds)


Why not choose a natural swimming pond for your backyard pool ideas if you enjoy swimming in nature or want a place to dip your toes in the water? These pools may be potted up to make a fantastic garden feature and a lovely location to bathe because they are sympathetically designed to blend into the landscape.

The design can incorporate gently sloping beaches, streams, plunge pools, stepping stone ideas, timber jetties, and pontoons. These pools must be stocked with a careful variety of aquatic plants to maintain the PH balance and avoid algae growth as they rely on microorganisms to clean the water rather than chemicals.

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