How to promote a home decor blog on Instagram in 2022: 5 steps towards popularity

A home decor blog on Instagram featuring a blue wall adorned with vases, books, and a globe.

Home improvements and decor are always going to be the topics that gather lots of attention from people of all ages – on social media this community is one of the strongest and diverse ones, because, generally, everybody has a home and something to do with it. You might be looking for advice on how to furnish your apartment the right way, if you have just bought a flat, or how to create a fantasy kids bedroom, if you have just become a parent. The options are endless: maybe you’re in need of inspiration for a perfect pool? Well, who knows! But what we know is that if you’re striving to create your own home decor blog on Instagram, there is still place for you as a novice – and! – some help available from the side, so that your way towards popularity would be smoother and easier.

In this article we will be talking about 5 working tools for IG development of a home decor blog in 2022: we’ll talk about a possibility to buy Instagram followers, which can help with creating a base for future promotion, about purchasing and organizing PR from bloggers, about targeted ads and some tips on how to launch them the right way and will also give several important pieces of advice on creating engaging content.

Where to start?

Starting out is probably the hardest thing to do, because you need to create a pool of content that is going to prove your worth. Here we would recommend to not blindly copy the content that you’re seeing on the pages of other home decor bloggers – try to extract something unique and interesting out of your own experience and don’t hesitate to be authentically you. Add something personal to these tutorials, recommendations and design advice, and this way you’re going to be able to get much more attention and validation from people who will randomly visit your page.

If you have any acquaintances and friends on IG, don’t hesitate to ask them for some help and reposts in stories – it will help to increase your visibility in the eyes of the community and will give you a base to start with. However, you cannot rely solely on this option, because you won’t be able to get even a hundred subs like this. To proceed to the stage of active promotion, you need to get ready to invest some money into your future success.

What to do next?

The best thing to do first would be to buy real Instagram followers – as we have mentioned in the first paragraph, these can create a wholesome pool of subscribers which will also be proving that your publications are worth checking out. This is a simple psychological trick: the more readers you have, the higher are your chances of getting more of those. People trust something only if it is pre-validated by someone else; it’s quite a rare occasion when a post becomes viral only because it is good.

A home office with blue walls and furniture, featured on a home decor blog on Instagram.

The important nuance here is that you need to acquire exclusively genuine subs, which are actual people who are using IG every day. This way IG algorithms will detect that your page actually has lots of interactions with real users, who are interested in your content – therefore, your content will be shown way more frequently to people who might be interested in it too. This is how natural development can get induced by the paid service. But this is going to happen only if you take on real subs, and not the fakes and bots instead of them.

What to add?

Now it is time to organize PR from the bloggers – it might be free, if both of you have approximately the same number of subs, or it might be paid, if you’re willing to collaborate with somebody bigger than you. For blogs that do home decor it is quite important to understand what type of content they are going to spread around to attract the audience – if you have something that you can monetize, it would be just perfect to put in an ad about you. It might be a course on how to improve a home, it might be a course about repairs on a budget, it might be a check-list or a recommendations list of some kind. All in all, you have to collect something that you can sell to your audience – let it be for quite a low price or with a decent cost to it.

And when you’re done building connections with bloggers, you can set up the targeted ad. Yes, we’re recommending doing it at the very end, because it can eat-up a significant amount of money which you need for the PR and bought subs first. Plus, targeted ads should always be running “in the back” to support all the content that you’re putting forward and provide the constant growth of your profile.

Summing up

Don’t rely on free options if you’re yearning for great results – paid promotion will save you lots of time and effort, which you can spend on generating topnotch content, working with bloggers to boost your page and communicating with your newly acquired audience to make them stay. Plan everything ahead and don’t chase the quantity – think about quality first.

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