The 20 Most Beautiful Pools in the World

A collage of photos showcasing magnificent swimming pools from around the globe.

You love to go to the beach, enjoy the sand, the sea and the sun, but…you will prefer to go to the pool having seen this. When the heat gets too unbearable, a private swimming pool would be an awesome thing to have.

Looking at a photograph of a beautiful pool brings about a multi-sensory rush: the slip of chilly water against the skin; the sweet, vaguely ammonic scent of chlorine; and the pleasantly dulled-out quality of underwater sound.

1. Pool with Fish Mural

A modern house with a swimming pool at dusk featured in The 20 Most Beautiful Pools in the World.
Pool with Fish Mural

From the vantage point of the lap pool, the balance tank appears to be a separate water feature or adjacent pool. An abstract fish mural on the support wall ties together the two bodies of water.

2. Swimming Pool in Santorini

A swimming pool overlooking the ocean in Santorini, Greece, ranked among The 20 Most Beautiful Pools in the World.
Swimming Pool in Santorini

It doesn’t seem entirely fair that you have a gorgeous pool just overlooking Mediterranean coast, but here it is. This magnificent pool is part of one of world most luxurious and expensive hotel in Santorini, Greece.

3. Aqua Illumination

A long, narrow rectangular pool is artfully illuminated by Patdo Light Studio of Port Chester, New York, to complement and not compete with the geometric shapes of this modern house.

4. Art Deco pool at the Raleigh Hotel

An aerial view of one of the 20 most beautiful pools in the world surrounded by palm trees.

The Art Deco pool at the Raleigh Hotel on Miami’s South Beach has been an icon of the neighborhood since 1942. It gained national fame in the 1950s, appearing as a frequent backdrop in the films of swimmer and actress Esther Williams. Image by Nicholas Koenig.

5. Alila Ubud, Bali

One of the 20 Most Beautiful Pools in the World, set amidst a lush jungle.
Alila Ubud, Bali

The emerald green, still surface of the Alila Ubud’s slim, rectangular pool seems to spill straight into the jungle.

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6. Como Shambhala, Bali

A wooden deck with lounge chairs and a swimming pool among The 20 Most Beautiful Pools in the World.
Como Shambhala, Bali

Hidden from sight in the breathtaking Indonesian jungle, the Como Shambhala Estate offers a luxurious retreat for those keen to get back to nature, but to do it in style. With 30 suites, retreat villas and salubrious private accommodations, there are options for all, with poolside living at the heart of it all.

7. Beautiful backyard pool

A house with a stunning swimming pool.

The presented project demonstrates the sophistication and subtlety of the proximity of nature with architecture. The beautiful backyard pool is overflowing to create the feeling of a pool on the edge of an abyss. At the same time, it is surrounded by greenery, extravagant trees, creating a unique setting here.

8. Largest Swimming Pool in the World

Largest Swimming Pool in the World

According to Guinness World Records, this swimming pool is the largest and deepest pool in the world. Without any doubt it can also compete for the most beautiful swimming pool on Earth!

9. Island Vista

A modern house with a pool.
Island Vista

If you have the great fortune of living on a coast with a view of a nearby island, why not make the home design all about the view? The horizon is repeated in the linear roofline, with an open design that makes indoor/outdoor living seamless. This stunning pool repeats those lines—a clean rectangle that appears to be an extension of the ocean.

10. Pool ins Fez, Morocco

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Description: A beautiful swimming pool inside a house.
Pool ins Fez, Morocco

In Fez, Morocco, ornate woodcarvings and intricate tilework are beautifully juxtaposed by a simple, narrow pool.

11. Pool at artificial jungle

A house with a swimming pool surrounded by trees, one of the 20 most beautiful pools in the world.
Pool at artificial jungle

And the centerpiece between the house and the artificial jungle is a beautiful backyard pool. It creates a transition from architecture to nature, symbolizing the connection between wild surroundings and sustainable architecture.

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12. Pool with a Slide Waterfall

A backyard pool with a waterfall.
Pool with a Slide Waterfall

13. Krisel Modernist Palm Springs pool

Krisel Modernist Palm Springs pool

Designed by Modernist architect William Krisel, this Palm Springs home was renovated and restored by Studio AR&D Architects to preserve the home’s architectural integrity. The pool echoes the home’s horizontal lines and geometry, beautifully blending the indoors with the outdoors.

14. Amagansett summer home pool

A modern house with a pool and a buddhist statue ranks among The 20 Most Beautiful Pools in the World.
Amagansett summer home pool

For her family’s Amagansett summer home, designer Athena Calderone commissioned architecture firm Bates Masi to update the original 1960s structure. A long, horizontal pool echoes the planarity of the building.

15. Borgo Pignano, Tuscany, Italy

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Modified Description: A stunning pool enclosed by a picturesque stone wall.
Pool in Tuscany

Carved from an ancient limestone quarry, Borgo Pignano’s pool couldn’t be more picturesque, enjoying a prominent position on a 750-acre organic estate and boasting breathtaking views out over the tree-lined Tuscan hills.

16. Pool next to a river

An outdoor dining area with wooden table and chairs is included in The 20 Most Beautiful Pools in the World.
Pool next to a river

The next beautiful above-ground pool turned out to be soaring not only over the site, adjoining the terrace, but also hanging over the river that flows past the house. This is the center, from which there is a meadow, a river, a forest, and on the other side there is a cottage.

17. Pool with checkerboard paving

A swimming pool with a checkered tile floor featured in The 20 Most Beautiful Pools in the World article.
Pool with checkerboard paving

This backyard pool achieves a classic elegance through the use of a checkerboard paving scheme, a trellised wooden pergola and neat olive hedgerows.

18. Monastero Santa Rosa, Italy

A pool overlooking the ocean.
Monastero Santa Rosa, Italy

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is breathtaking on its own, but it’s easier to take it all in from a beautiful poolside cabana.

19. One & Only Reeti Rah, pool in Maldives

A beautiful swimming pool in the middle of the ocean.

Serene, exclusive and beautiful, One & Only Reeti Rah is a jewel in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by glistening white sands, with 6 kilometres of pristine private coastline to explore and enjoy.

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20. Pool with recreation area

A woman is standing next to one of the most beautiful pools in the world, inside a house.
Pool with recreation area

Next, we see a structure immersed in a garden of roses, shrubs, trees. The showiness of architecture is in close contact with the romance and beauty of nature. All this is in the immediate vicinity of the house – the recreation area on the street begins immediately behind the threshold of the kitchen–living room.

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