Wild and Wonderful Restaurant Interiors to Inspire

A beautifully appointed restaurant interior with unique elements (archpaper.com)

There are a vast number of wild and wonderful restaurant interiors to inspire you.  These one-of-a-kind eateries can give you unique dining room design ideas for your home.  Worldly and sophisticated, tantalizingly unique or modern with a twist, restaurant interiors can offer so much more than a nice meal.  Look inside some of these extraordinary restaurants to fuel your creative design aspirations.

A tropical-themed restaurant with stunning interiors.
Tropical dining splendor (theneotrad.com)

Enjoy a modern update in your dining room with a pastel palette and geometric accents.  Ground the space with a darker accent color on upholstered pieces, such as on the dining chairs.

A wooden ceiling in a restaurant interior.
Pleasing colors and repeated patterns give this restaurant a lively appeal (loftylovin.tumblr)

Blend a mixture of bright colors with transparent colored glass, one of 2018’s interior design trends.  Perhaps it’s time to splurge on that Murano glass chandelier you’ve had your eye on.

The interior of a restaurant with ambient purple lighting.
Color and glass elements blend for a unique dining atmosphere (culturlann.doire.com)

Surround your dining table with colorful acrylic chairs.  Ground the space with a deeply hued rug.

A restaurant with vibrant pink chairs and tables in its interiors.
Light and colorful restaurant interior (decosee.com)

A brick or faux-stone accent wall in the dining room speaks volumes about character.  A statement banquette or settee at the dining table amps up the room’s unique factor.

A vibrant restaurant with colorful tables and chairs.
Quirky booths and vibrant colors infuse this restaurant with fun (roomford.co.uk)

A soft color palette that relies heavily on texture is a winning look.  Add bits of color with accents.

Colorful chairs
A welcoming restaurant with modern style (homeworlddesign.com)

Go a bit wild with stripes and shapes for a very modern vibe.  Since restaurant interiors are generally large, keep the color scheme simple so as not to overwhelm a smaller space.

Restaurant interiors featuring black and white striped chairs and tables.
A wildly geometrical modern restaurant space (flavorwire.com)

Downplay the furniture in the room with lighter wood tones.  Take some creative freedom with the walls.

Tables and chairs in a restaurant with restaurant interiors.

Don’t forget the ceiling.  You can be bold with color or add your own unique touch to this often overlooked area of the dining room.  Most home ceilings aren’t as vast as restaurant interiors, so using paint is a great option.

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A vibrantly decorated restaurant with chairs and tables.
A statement ceiling brings colorful interest to this restaurant (Pinterest.se)

Think outside the box and imagine a dining room that is a sure conversation-starter.

3D rendering of restaurant interiors.
This restaurant is truly unique! (uniquerestaurants.wordpress.com)

If you have the space, create a bar space in the dining room and give it loads of character.

A restaurant with a shark's head decoration.
A centerpiece tile wall gives this restaurant interest (Decosee.com)

Keep the wall color neutral to balance a color-rich scheme.

A colorful restaurant with vibrant tables and chairs in its interiors.
Colorful restaurant interior (dailymail.co.uk)

Create a young, fresh look with color, pattern and a few fun accessories.  Tie it all together with pop art.

A bar in a restaurant with stylish interiors.
Casual and colorful restaurant style (grazia.co.in)

Simple shapes, bright colors and strategic illumination capture the modern vibe.  Mix pattern with acrylic to keep the room light.

A vibrant restaurant bar.
Modern shapes and colors infuse fun into this restaurant (theculturetrip.com)

Casual, comfortable pieces paired with unusual wall coverings create a welcoming space, even if a bit out of the ordinary.

The interior of a restaurant is decorated with vibrant furniture.
Quirky restaurant interior (Pinterest.com)

Create drama with black and a bold color.  Interesting lighting keeps the room bright and contributes to the overall aesthetic.

A restaurant with purple lighting and tables and chairs.
Light-filled and dramatic restaurant (decobizz.com)

Liven up a traditional space with modern light fixtures.  Use multiple pendant lights for optimum affect.

A restaurant with a lot of chairs and tables.
Airy and bright restaurant interior (idesignarch.com)

Go bold and glamorous with a show-stopping chandelier and lustrous accents.

Restaurant interior with a large chandelier.
Dramatic and sophisticated restaurant interior (tomdixon.net)

Create an intimate and romantic dining experience with draped fabric.  Bring the outdoors in with plants and string lights.

A restaurant with tables and chairs in its interiors.
Softness and flattering light enhance this restaurant space (hellomagazine.com)

If you’re searching for something a little different for your dining room design, the world’s restaurant interiors answer the call.  Don’t settle for an uninspiring dining area.  Explore new ideas and enjoy a nice meal while you’re at it!


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