How Interior Design is Embracing Sustainable Furniture

The use of sustainable furniture is getting more and more popular. This is all because of waste management is one of the severe problems our world is facing. Tons of plastics and waste materials aren’t going directly to the waste management facilities. In reality, a big portion of them is ending outside of landfills, therefore, causing ecological damage. What is worse, it is reaching some of the protected areas dedicated to wildlife.

The demand for wooden materials in the furniture industry is being into account. Hence, we humans have resorted to logging and deforestation just to cover the demand.

Certainly, these are some of the problems we are facing. Because of that, we are citing various initiatives to save the planet. Environmental initiatives were introduced by environmentalists as a way to reduce ecological harm. These initiatives we are talking about are recycling, repurposing, and reclaiming.

We are seeing this movement happening. We are also seeing that the furniture industry is adopting these initiatives. Let me show you how do it and why.

Recycled Furniture

First of all, recycling is a process of turning waste into any reusable product or refurbishing anything for reuse. In other words, it follows a philosophy of taking used items back to the cycle. As a result, old and used items can still be useful. A perfect example of recycled furniture is this chair because it is made out of discarded materials. Wood was used as the base of the chair. Rubber materials taken from an old car tire were used as seats and backrest.

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Sustainable furniture made out of wood.
Recycled Furniture

Or better yet, start a project of creating chairs and tables made out of cardboard boxes. That is one great addition to your living room!

The sad part is, we cannot recycle most furniture because they are not designed to be disassembled. Perhaps, try Upcycling instead?

Upcycled Furniture

Upcycling is another form of recycling because it practically involves a transformation of waste. Transforming any unwanted furniture into a better-quality material. This kind of ecological approach aims to keep things out of landfills and off from the waste facilities. One example of upcycling a piece of furniture is giving your worn-out, rugged, and unwanted dresser a total makeover. A transformation that will surely restore its former glory, worthy of being showcased again.

A collection of sustainable furniture in a store.
Upcycled Furniture

Since we are talking about upcycling, I am sharing one of the articles we have for renovating various wooden furniture.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood could be any wooden materials that are ready for disposal. They are salvaging these materials to build pieces of furniture. Typically, reclaimed wood is being sourced from lumber companies. Furthermore, it could also come from demolition companies who demolishing old barnyards or any wooden infrastructure. Another good source of reclaimed woods is old ports and piers because they produced tons of discarded wooden crates. These wooden crates are perfect material in case you want to have a shelf made out of wood.

A reclaimed wooden furniture manufacturer tries to keep the natural features of the wooden material. Leaving the edges untouched and with its natural state.

A sustainable wooden table with four chairs in a restaurant.
Reclaimed Wood

Here are a few images as visuals of how reclaimed wooden materials are transformed into elegant furniture.

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An image of a reclaimed wooden bench. Materials were sourced from a vintage farmhouse built way from the mid-century.

A sustainable desk made from a piece of wood.

Sourcing wooden materials from forest trees that fell naturally are a great idea in building this elegant wooden table.

This certainly falls under the reclaimed wood category. Using reclaimed wooden materials as wall claddings to add interior style.

Do-It-Yourself (DIYs)

DIYs is the collective life hacks of us, human being. This is the way we bring new life to things. Things can be anything that has already served its purpose. This is why we have this on our list.

DIY tips and tricks are the most common techniques in interior design. Repurposing old mugs into planters, therefore, making them capable of housing small plants. There are so many concepts and ideas that we could try.

Three sustainable candle holders made from sticks on a wooden table.
Repurposing old mugs into planters

Sustainable Wood Farming

We are seeing the reality of the ecological threat. Such activities like logging and deforestation resorted to ecological damage. As a result of the threat, environmental organizations are now practicing sustainable wood farming. For the reason that we prefer sustainable wood farming because it is eco-friendly. It is an alternative solution to cater to the demand for wood in the furniture industry. Sustainable wood that comes from managed forests is renewable. Forest caretakers are taking care of these forests. They oversee everything that falls within the manage forest jurisdiction. Their primary role is to prevent ecological damage around it.

We are urging to our part in saving the planet earth. It doesn’t hurt to always go eco-friendly. Go sustainable furniture!

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