Luxurious And Breath-taking Shower Room Designs

Modern bathroom interior with reflective spherical lights.

Calming yet energetic, shapeless yet concrete, still yet lively, water is a dynamic substance of life. As an essence of life, no wonder you feel so refreshed and rejuvenated after taking a relaxing shower. Regardless of the part of day, standing under the strong stream of droplets just calm you down and soften your mind. With this in mind, don’t our precious shower rooms deserve a special piece of attention? Of course they do.

There are various options to create luxurious and breath-taking shower room designs. But we are thinking outside of the box here, so forget about the standard and common designs. Rather, take a look into our open plan settings, plain and gorgeous shower rooms, inspired by nature style to create luxurious and breath-taking shower room designs.

Open Plan Shower Room Design

Open plan shower room extends the space of bedroom, so the bathroom becomes more of a sociable living space. It also creates a sense of grandeur and luxury.

With this in mind, this luxurious and breath-taking shower room design is quite inspirational. The room itself looks not very spacious, but the addition of sleek, dark gray tiles increase the look of a space. Thus, using large tiles in small bathroom magically broaden the size of the room. Also, the transparent panel shower screen results in a seamless and bold look.

A shower room with a black tiled floor and a shower.
Stylish and modern open plane shower room design.

On the other hand, this master suite open shower room is definitely in the center of attention. Elegant and sophisticated decor is enhanced by soft blue LEDs lighting, which add a certain dose of serenity and coolness. Moreover, this unusual layout gives the shower its own stage.

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A modern glass shower bathroom.
Luxurious walk in shower with soft blue LED lightning.

The warm looking brown wooden wall creates a beautiful cozy effect in this room. Also, this spa-like decor of the shower room melts down with the gray tiles with subtle look. Surely, it makes bathing a fluid continuation of the everyday bedroom based dressing regime.

A bedroom with a shower.
Cozy and warm effect achieved by wood.

If elegance end luxury is more your thing, then there is no need to hesitate about this stylish shower room decor. The swath of creamy tiles views like a luxurious marble, complete with a large repeat pattern that brings a feeling of expense.

A modern shower room with a bathtub.
Luxurious and breath-taking open plane shower room.

Inspired by Nature

There’s nothing quite as liberating as taking a shower in the great outdoors, but if your location or typical weather forecast doesn’t allow this luxury, then create your own peaceful oasis inside your home.

Now, how about one of these dual aspect windows that look out and forming a cutaway of your room for an outdoor effect.

A modern bathroom with a bathtub.
Bring nature to you.

One nature inspired feature wall returns life into this plain white scheme. Likewise, the transparent glass on this curved and round shower cabin creates a harmony as a place for relaxation.

A green-themed bathroom with grass walls showcasing unique shower room designs.
Unique shower cabin with a sense of nature on the wall.

While it is much more refined and urban than the previous picture, we can still see that nature inspired feature wall. Only this time the wall is naturalized with and a few plants. Also, the dark ceiling in this space adds the drama of a lit shower stream.

A contemporary bathroom with a waterfall shower head showcasing innovative shower room designs.
The addition of moos green accessories creates a perfect oasis.

Now, we start to see a pattern here. Where nature is directly connected without windows in between and yet it still provides enough light to a room designed for keeping cool.

A glass shower with plants.
Drama is created in this exotic shower room.

Create your own jungle feel with tropical plants placed inside your bathroom. Admittedly, this design is of minuscule proportions, but just look at how serene sun dappled surrounding is.

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A stylish bathroom featuring a sleek black shower and refreshing bamboo plants.
Masculine jungle feel.

Plain Shower Room Ideas

If you prefer nude and plain style with simple line structure and elegance, than you should peak into this plain shower room designs.

Create a high end with this minimalist bathroom by selecting crisp linear pieces. Likewise, the tranquility of pure white is interrupted by the clear black line of window.

A white bathroom with a bathtub and sink featuring shower room designs.
Sharpen up the edges to create a peaceful place,

Plain white schemes will look luminous under a generous skylight. Moreover, the simple lines and the warm lightning make it look very pure and elegant.

A minimalist bathroom with a skylight.
Plain and elegant breath-taking shower room design.

A skylight throws natural light onto the wall and wooden floor accents. Likewise, the wood itself gives a natural sense of warmth and the simple strips in the wooden floor brings an urban touch.

A wooden-floor shower room.
Wooden floor accents add the sense of warmth.

As can be seen, each design comes with its own unique pattern and style. So make sure you consider this when choosing what style to go for.

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