Eyelash Extensions: The pros and cons

Close-up of woman's eyes with makeup and long lashes.

Eyelash extensions are a popular trend today. Why not? They look gorgeous! But, the truth is that like all beauty treatments, there are pros and cons. Before you spend your money on any treatment, from eyelash extensions to teeth whitening, you should always weigh out the benefits before you open up your wallet.

A woman with long brown hair covering her face with a fan showcasing her eyelash extensions.
Frame your eyes with lash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions: The Pros

  • Confidence: You’ll feel more confident in your appearance knowing that your eyes are framed perfectly.
  • Convenience Getting Ready for Work: You’ll cut down on the time you spend in the mirror preparing for your day because you can skip elaborate eye makeup. Your eyes will already look glamorous!
  • Customized for You: Whether your natural lashes are thin, short, or lack lift, eyelash extensions are applied by a professional who will customize the lashes to look great on you. This is a major improvement over drugstore false lashes which are one size fits all.

    A close up of a woman's blue eye with eyelash extensions.
    Bid bye-bye to clumpy mascara.

Eyelash Extensions: The Cons

A close up of a woman with brown eyes enhanced by eyelash extensions.
Lash extensions can be expensive.
  • Costly: Initial application of lashes can be a fairly spendy investment. Plus, you’ll need to spend money on upkeep. Of course, when it’s time to remove the lashes, you’ll also pay a fee to the lash stylist.
  • High Maintenance: Plan the time for a visit to the eyelash salon every two weeks to have your lashes maintained by a professional.
  • Breakage of Natural Lashes: Professionally applied eyelashes shouldn’t cause breakage to your natural eyelashes. However, if you are prone to rubbing your eyes due to dry eyes, allergies, or any medical condition, skip lash extensions. Rubbing can cause damage to your natural lashes.

    A woman with blond hair and orange lipstick posing for a photo, showcasing her eyelash extensions.
    Go from simple to glam with just a little bit of makeup because your eyes are so dramatic.

With the information on the pros and cons of lash extensions, you can make the decision on what works best for your budget and beauty goals.

A woman with eyelash extensions covering her face with her hands.
Make your eyes your best feature with eyelash extensions!
A young woman with eyelash extensions praying with her hands closed.
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