The Perfect Bean Bag for a Teenager’s Room

Teenagers love bean bags. They enjoy the cushiony comfort of the beans and they appreciate the versatility of the actual product. What other furniture item, besides a large, cumbersome sofa, could be used as a chair, lounger, and bed? However, if you have a teenager, then you know that style is important to them as well. You can’t just get them any old bean bag and call it good. You need to get them a luxury bean bag chair like the Yogibo Max or the Moon Pod. Of these two brands, the Yogibo Max will give your teenager style and function, while the Moon Pod is stylish and takes up less space. Here are other reasons to choose a high-end bean bag for your teenager’s room.


By the time your child reaches their teens, their color preferences will have changed from when they were littler. For example, a girl who once adored pink and purple may suddenly prefer black or gray as she turns 13. A boy who was into bright reds and blues may now want more muted colors to match his more grown-up tastes. This is a natural progression, as the preference for bright colors in decor tends to wane the older we get. 

The Moon Pod comes in five mostly dark colors. It does offer a light blue and a rose color, but both are pastels to meet a more adult aesthetic. The Yogibo, though, comes in at least 14 colors ranging from earth tones to bright pink. As such, you’ll have more color options for Yogibo, which may be important if you have a picky teenager (is there any other kind?). No matter what color your teenager is into, the Yogibo has a cover to match. 

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Teenagers aren’t always known for their delicate nature, so you want to make sure the luxury bean bag you get them is durable and long-lasting. They’re likely to flop down on the bean bag when they want to relax or use it as a punching bag when they’re frustrated or angry. Both the Yogibo and Moon Pod feature a durable inside bag full of expanded polystyrene beads as the basis for their chairs. These are not prone to splitting, even if they experience some abuse.

The covers for these brands are another story, though, and their differences do matter. The Yogibo cover is made from a cotton-spandex fabric blend, whereas the Moon Pod is made from a cotton-polyester fabric blend. This is important because cotton-spandex is more durable than cotton-polyester and less prone to pilling. With a cotton-polyester cover, you’re likely to see pilling fairly quickly, especially if the chair is used a lot. Pilling reduces both the comfort and the aesthetics of the cover. 


As previously mentioned, teenagers want furniture that can be used in a variety of ways. The Moon Pod makes an excellent chair, but it’s less effective as a lounger or bed, particularly because it’s too short to fully support your legs and head without additional accessories. The Yogibo Max, however, is significantly longer than the Moon Pod and is frequently used as both a lounger and a spare bed. If your teen has a friend spend the night, they’ll have an extra bed ready without any extra effort.

The other versatile aspect of the Yogibo Max is that your teenager can use it in their bedroom or in other rooms of the house. It’s a perfect piece of furniture to use in a game room, where your teen plays video games or in a TV room where your teen watches television or movies. The large size of the Yogibo Max means that up to four people can use the bean bag as a couch so everyone can enjoy the comfort as they watch a movie or play a game. The Moon Pod will only seat up to two people, so it’s less versatile for larger gatherings. 

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If you take into account only colors, fabric, and versatility, there’s really no competition. The Yogibo wins out in every category. The only aspect that might be better for your teen is the smaller size of the Moon Pod if they have a fairly small room. However, the Yogibo doesn’t take up too much room either, especially if you store it on end. Additionally, the Yogibo costs significantly less than the Moon Pod as well, so if your teen is going to pay for it themselves, they’ll appreciate the discount while still getting a luxury product.


It can be difficult to decide what bean bag to put in your teenager’s room that they’ll love both for its comfort and its style. The Yogibo Max offers you the colors, fabric, and versatility that your teenager will thank you for, even if they don’t say it in so many words.

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