Large Pool, Medium Pool, Small Pool – Choose Wisely 

So you’ve finally decided to get a fibreglass pool installed in your home. When you have a pool at home, you can enjoy the summer by staying cool in your very own fibreglass pool. A pool is also a great place where you can throw pool parties, and enjoy barbecues and other social gatherings. 

But before you start working on your pool party plans, there’s a big question that needs to be considered. And that is – what size pool do you actually want? 

What Are The Standard Sizes Of Pools?

Your fibreglass pool can be of any shape or size that you want. There’s a lot of space here for you to be creative, where your only limitations are the size of your budget and your available backyard space. 

But there are also some standard pool sizes that you should take into consideration. 

Rectangular Pools 

These are the most common kinds of fibreglass pools. The long side of this pool is typically around twice as long as its short side. The average depth of such a pool is around 5.5 ft. The standard dimensions are: 

  • 10 ft X 20 ft for small-sized pools 
  • 15 ft X 30 ft for medium-sized pools 
  • 20 ft X 40 ft for large-sized pools 

The best way for you to know what sized pool would suit your backyard is to actually measure how much space you have in your backyard. You wouldn’t want your entire backyard space to be filled by your new pool. So what you’re looking for is how much space you have available, that you can devote to your new pool. 

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Small Pools 

Another kind of pool you can consider getting is a small pool. These are also known as mini pools. Usually, a swimming pool installed in a home would be roughly about 600 square feet. This is large when you stop to think about it.

Small pools, on the other hand, are between 100 to around 215 square feet in size. Note that a major USP of this kind of pool is that you may not need to get planning permission to install it, depending on where you live. 

What Should You Consider When Choosing Your Pool Size? 

Before you hire your local Perth pool installers to install your new pool, you need to first decide what’s the size of the pool you’re going to get. To understand this better, you’ll need to know what you hope to get out of your new pool, as well as how much space you have available. 

Backyard Space 

When planning for a new fibreglass pool, both location, as well as space, are two important things to keep in mind. A fibreglass pool can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and it can even be customised to fit into whatever space you have available. 

Keep in mind though, that should you have a small backyard or a courtyard. Then trying to add a large pool to it may not be a good idea. Your pool area should be liveable and it shouldn’t feel too crowded. 

The Size Of Your Family 

Just because you have a large family, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get the largest pool size. In general, kids tend to be excited about having a pool in their backyard, irrespective of what size it is. 

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On the other hand, if you want to enjoy activities like pool volleyball, then a larger-sized pool may be the best option for you. 

Your family could also just be looking for a nice place to cool down during the summer season. If this is the case, then the size of the pool wouldn’t be the most important thing to them. 

Note also that a smaller-sized pool can also be heated for much cheaper than a large-sized pool. So if you want to keep using your pool throughout the year without worrying about high energy bills, then a small-sized pool may be the best option for you. 

Swimming Laps 

Say the reason you’re getting a new fibreglass pool is that you want to enjoy exercising in it. Maybe you want to swim laps in it on a regular basis. If this is the case, then a lap pool could be perfect for you. 


Lap pools also suit backyards that are smaller as they can be built to be longer as well as skinnier than traditional pools. If you don’t want a pool that’s just for swimming laps in, then get a medium-sized rectangular pool. These are great for accommodating friends as well as family, and you could also use the space for exercise. 

Diving Spot Requirement 

Pools don’t come with a diving board. But if you want one, you can get it installed. If you do want to use your pool to practice diving, then you’ll need a pool that’s deeper. It should also be wider than a traditional pool. You wouldn’t want to smack into the bottom of the pool when trying out your dives. 

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Note that when it comes to residential pools, there are places where diving boards are restricted for liability or safety reasons. Always check what your local regulations say regarding diving, before getting a diving board installed. 

Poolside Entertaining 

Even if you want to throw large pool parties, consider that at a time, no more than 50% of your guests will be in the pool. So you don’t need a super large pool for your pool parties. Even a smaller pool can provide a relaxing ambience that your guests enjoy. 

Patio Setup 

Finally, think about what you want your patio to look like. Do you already have a pool deck built in? Maybe you’re starting from scratch. Trying to adapt your new pool to your current backyard layout will help your design to look more natural in the end. 


What size pool you should get depends on several factors, such as what you want to use the pool for, how much space you have available, and more. By understanding what you mainly want to do with your pool, you can better estimate what size pool would meet your requirements. Use this guide to learn about what factors to consider when deciding on the size of your pool. 

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