What to Look For in a Family Swimming Pool?

Family swimming pools offer an excellent opportunity to cool off in the hot summer or just spend some quality time. A family swimming pool, however, is a big investment and mustn’t be taken lightly. There are many things you need to pay attention to when you decide to get a family swimming pool. Before we get into what you need to look for in a family swimming pool, you need to know why having it is a great decision in the first place.


Why should you get a family swimming pool?

A family swimming pool is helpful for a number of reasons:

It offers an opportunity for family members to bond

Family swimming pools are fun, no matter how old family members are. They can be great places for the whole family to come together, have a good time playing games, take laps in the pool, or just cool down in the water.  

You can save on outside expenses

With an exciting pool right in your backyard, you won’t feel the need to keep going outside and engaging in expensive activities to keep yourself entertained. You can just invite a few friends over and have a great time playing games in your backyard’s comfort. This will help you save the money you would’ve otherwise spent on several activities outside.   

It’s a fun way to exercise and stay fit

Many people miss out on some much needed exercise simply because it feels like such hard work. A family swimming pool can be a great way to include exercise and physical activity in your day in a fun way. With it, you don’t have to feel like you’re straining yourself to do exercises as such. You’ll just feel the joy of swimming in your backyard pool without it seeming strenuous. You’ll still be getting in the workout, though, whether you opt for a gentle one or an intense one.     

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You can give your backyard a major upgrade with it

Your home will be beautiful enough with a well maintained backyard but a family swimming pool can really elevate its appearance to the next level. If going out to soak in the sun was a struggle for you earlier, you’ll find yourself wanting to spend more time outside in your backyard with a family swimming pool there. 

It increases the property value of a home

A family swimming pool is an investment, and this asset can be used for a long time. If you plan to sell your house, a well-maintained pool can help raise the property value of your home, fetching you a higher price.

What to look for?

With so many benefits of having a family swimming pool, it makes sense to invest in the right one, but the question is, “What do you look for in the right family swimming pool?” Here’s a guide that will help you out.


Swimming pools are supposed to last you for a long time but to experience this benefit, you need to ensure you’re investing in quality materials that go into creating the pool. High quality pools will save you a lot of money in the long run. These generally require lesser maintenance and are resistant to damage by water, chemicals, and exposure to sunlight. 

Fiberglass pools offer several benefits that make them a popular choice. They are cost-effective and are available in multiple shapes, styles, and sizes. Installation can be completed in just a few days, making it possible for you to jump in without much of a waiting period. They’re strong and durable with a non-porous gel-coat finish, and they also make use of fewer chemicals. This makes them an ideal choice for a family swimming pool.     

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A family swimming pool offers a great opportunity for family members, especially kids, to learn to swim without the distractions present at public pools. It is crucial for them to meet high safety standards so that they don’t put anyone at risk of injury or other disasters. For this, the surfaces must be non-slippery as this will reduce the risk of accidents. Maintaining safe water quality is also an important aspect of promoting safety of the swimming pool.

Several key features may also be added to enhance safety. Adding steps to the pool will make it easier for children as well as older relatives to enter the pool. It also provides a safe and shallow area where kids can get used to the water. 

Adding a sitting ledge about 2 feet below the water surface either along one wall or all around your pool can be a great way to ensure kids and adults get a chance to relax and take a quick break while in the pool. Especially for someone still getting used to the water, this is a great way to ensure they have quick access to a ledge that they can use. 

You also need to select a type of paving around the pool that provides greater safety. You don’t want it to be slippery paving or one that gets hot easily, damaging your family members’ feet.

Pool size, shape, and design

General purpose pools are usually big and are perfect for exercising, having fun, or just being entertained. Compact pools can also help you do all that you want but are smaller versions of general-purpose pools. Plunge pools are much smaller and are meant for relaxation. Ensure your pool size complements the size of your home and landscaping and allows for enough space to do other activities outdoors.

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The number of people who will use the pool will also impact the size of the pool. Longer pools are better suited as lap pools and linear pools also allow for an open swimming lane, but curved pools can enhance your backyard’s aesthetics and allow for bench seating. There are also different pool designs that you can opt for that will help to enhance the aesthetics of your backyard and home. You should make your choice depending on what is best suited to your taste and what compliments your sense of style. Since a family swimming pool is a long term investment, you’ll want to spend a good amount of time on this so that you can enjoy it more.      

Cost effectiveness

You want to make sure the family swimming pool you select is a budget friendly option, not just with regard to the cost of installation. Lifetime ownership will result in additional costs such as cost of maintenance and cleaning. There are also hidden costs of installation like fencing, dirt hauling, wall retention, and electrical work required that you need to consider.

Make sure you select a family swimming pool that’s easy to clean and equipped with water circulation so that you don’t have to spend too much time on cleaning tasks. Cleaning your pool is a necessary aspect of maintaining a healthy and safe pool environment, so you need to make sure you understand all that’s involved in the cleaning and maintenance of your family swimming pool before agreeing to it. Checking that all these expenses fit your budget and are cost-effective in the long run is crucial. To understand the importance of picking the right pool and for help along the way, get in contact today with Fibreglass Pools Melbourne for the assistance you need.

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