4 Essential Bathroom Remodelling Tips

A modern bathroom with a glass shower enclosure that can increase the value of your house.

It may come as a surprise, but some of us are still in the throes of remodeling the house or preparing for our next renovation.

While the more… ‘regular’ among us would swear blind that November to December is a time for sitting around eating chocolates and re-watching our favorite Christmas classics with our third eggnog, there are, in fact, some people who think now is the best time to knock down a wall – and who are we to tell them no?

So, if you are in the latter category and are eyeing up your bathroom next – this piece is for you.

Create Your Budget

The first thing you want to do when you take on any project is make a comprehensive budget. One of the last things you want is to be caught short on money or have to spend a significant amount more than you were expecting to.

When designing your own bathroom, it is also extremely easy to get carried away with fancy faucets or be talked into those crystal style taps that are three times the price you were expecting. Be firm with yourself. We know it’s hard, but it is best for both you and your wallet.

Important things to consider when creating your budget include:

  • Are you planning on selling your house in the near future?
  • Are you looking at moving the plumbed-in parts of your bathroom around?
  • What are the most essential parts that need doing?

Sourcing Your Materials and Labor

There is no point in renovating your bathroom if you are not able to use high-quality products or professional handymen to help you with your vision. Ask yourself, “Who is a good plumber near me?” and visit www.pascoesgasandwater.com.au to find out. Another question to consider is: “Where can I get the best quality tiles to go in my bathroom?”

The Allure of Decorating with Glass Jars

Doing your research will almost definitely help you spend less in the long run as you are far less likely to have to pay for anything that has gone wrong or replace anything that was not good enough quality. Get it right the first time, and that will also save you money in the long run!

Choose What Type of Bathroom You Want

It is 2020, and the styles of bathrooms you can have in your own home are endless. With social media such as Pinterest, we are now inspired more than ever to create our dream rooms in the home. There are a few classic bathroom styles to choose from, such as a standard bathroom, a half bath, a wet bathroom, and so on. It is best to choose one that will fit your needs over something that looks good, but there will be plenty of options to make even the plainest of designs look unique and modern.

Think About the Extras

There are plenty of things that contribute to the look and feel of a room, such as accessories, lighting, and bathroom furniture. It is important to consider what kind of style you would like these in and how they will fit around the main features of the bathroom to make sure your added extras complement the overall room. That being said, lighting is a little easier to change than the location of the bath, so just play around with it!

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