Ideal home office

An ideal home office with a white desk and shelves.

More and more jobs today provide the opportunity to work from home. Whether you run your own small business or work as a freelancer, you need a little corner where you can work peacefully. Psychologists advise that you perform specific tasks in the places provided for them. This way, you should achieve higher productivity in everything. For example, the brain is accustomed to resting and sleeping in the bedroom. If you try to work on the bed, your productivity will be lower.

Four pictures of an ideal home office with a desk and bookshelf.
It is important to separate the space, even the small one, where your office will be located

Separate the space

While some may not have the luxury of setting aside an entire room for an office, only one corner in an apartment will be enough to transform into a work realm where everything needed to work will be. This corner should be intended solely for work, and your family, especially children, should respect the work area so as not to impair your good work ethic. It is, therefore, the first task. Determine which place in your apartment, or which room can be excisable for your business.

Edit the space

Depending on the size of the area, consider the dimensions of the table. They will also depend on the scale of your business. If you work from home all the time, you will probably need a more massive desk where you can place your computer and all the technology you need. If you only use the office occasionally, even a smaller desk will be enough to put a laptop on it.

Ideal home office featuring bookshelves and a desk.
Larger spaces allow darker tones and colors, while smaller ones will be better with lighter shades

What is most important for any home office is a quality chair where you can sit for long periods without having your back hurt, and you can additionally decorate it with a pillow or fur that will fit the decor of the entire room. Lighting is also essential, so even though you probably have a ceiling lighting in your room, place a lamp on the table that will direct the light you need straight to your work surface.

How to Make Your Office More Ergonomically Correct


Reserve the wall above and next to the table for shelves, especially if you are short on space. In case you do not want to cover the wall with shelves, separate one surface for the panel to serve as a place for reminders. Whether it will be a cork board that you will put the necessary things on with a pin or you may prefer to write markers on a magnetic board, it is up to you. Consider painting a wall with school board paint that you can write with chalk, and it looks very effective.

Four pictures of an ideal home office with a desk and bookshelves.
Don’t forget to enrich your home office with positive messages and details that motivate you

Choose which colors to use depending on which ones inspire you and make you happy. Smaller spaces will be grateful for the bright colors that will visually enhance it, while the larger rooms allow dark shades as well.

Just work

Four pictures of an ideal white and gold home office.
A well-tended workspace can make a big difference between a job well done and a failure

And finally, add details to your desktop that inspire and encourage you to work. Put the goals you have in a visible place as a constant reminder that the effort is worth it. And of course, remove any unwanted objects and clutter. Working from home has the biggest advantage of not being stressed out about colleagues or bosses, so why let anything disturb your work harmony.

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