Gorgeous Floral Wall Designs

A living room with a beautiful floral wall design.

There are few things we enjoy more than a well designed wall, it can mean the difference between a dull room and a breathtaking one.

A living room with a large floral wall mural showcasing floral wall designs.
Vintage, floral wall mural (wallpaperspocket).

Floral designs are excellent ways to ornament a wall, especially as there are plenty of stylistic and colorful options.

A bedroom with floral wallpaper.
Traditional and feminine wall mural (popsugar).

They typically remind us of nature and calm us as we find ourselves overwhelmed.

A room with a chair and a floral wall.
Floral design for small space (ashley-spencer)

Depending on the style, floral designs can be traditional, modern, shabby chic, or even futuristic.

A bedroom with floral designs on the wall.
Gorgeous bedroom floral wall design (volume25)

Realistic floral wall murals can be refreshing and nostalgic.

A room with a large floral mural on the wall.
Incredible and large doodle-y wall (heyapathy).

Sketchy floral designs can fill us with sudden artistic or doodle-y inspiration.

A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table featuring floral wall designs.
Shabby-chic floral wallpaper (housetohome).

Traditional floral designs are classics that can never go out of style.

A girl's room with vibrant floral wall designs.
Cheerful, cartoon-like children’s bedroom (meblizkitaya).

The 1970 “flower-power” style ornamentation is still relevant in some children’s bedrooms.

A living room with a floral wall design.
Single rose mural (muralsdirect).

Single flower designs are excellent ways to showcase the anatomy and aesthetics of the flower itself.

A colorful living room with floral wallpaper.
Repetitive floral pattern, stylistic (stauntonandhenry).
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