Update Your Kitchen Stainless Steel

A kitchen with a wooden floor updated with stainless steel.

Stainless steel kitchen appliances have long been a favorite for their sleek appeal that meshes with all styles of kitchens.  Now appliance manufacturers are giving you more options than ever to update your kitchen stainless steel.  Black, bronze and copper stainless steel, as well as pure versions of these metals, are making kitchen appliances more versatile.  Let’s explore kitchens that are breaking the stainless steel barrier.

A kitchen with dark wood cabinets updated with stainless steel.
Beautiful kitchen enhanced with black stainless steel appliances (alittledesignhelp)

Black stainless steel is appearing on the market from many leading appliance manufacturers.  The look is modern and lustrous.  In kitchens with light wood cabinetry, black stainless steel appliances have a modern and edgy appeal.  All black kitchens are sleek and stylish.  The bold contrast of black stainless steel against white cabinetry is a fresh aesthetic.

A kitchen with a stainless steel stove and a black refrigerator.
Sleek black stainless steel kitchen appliances (rinersappliances.wordpress)
Update your kitchen with stainless steel appliances.
Black stainless steel (famoustate.wordpress)
A kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.
Black stainless steel (dwell)

Bronze stainless steel fits well into kitchens with old-world charm and elegance.  Bronze also mixes well with modern and rustic kitchens.  Warm and stately, bronze stainless steel kitchen appliances infuse the space with distinct character.

A kitchen with white cabinets and brown counter tops, updated with stainless steel accents.
Bronze kitchen appliances (courtenayappliances)
A kitchen with updated stainless steel cabinets.
Bronze kitchen appliances (kitchenandresidentialdesign)

Copper and rose gold stainless or pure copper appliances have a fresh appeal.  They lend a richness and warm glow to the kitchen, contrasting against white cabinetry or mixing in well with stained or painted woodwork.

Update your kitchen with stainless steel appliances and white cabinets.
Copper colored stainless appliances (rmwraps)
A kitchen with stainless steel pots and pans on shelves.
Copper stove warms this kitchen (Houzz)
Update your kitchen with a gold and stainless steel range hood.
Copper kitchen appliances (House Beautiful)

Other colors of stainless steel have the same advantages of silver but offer more versatility.  If you are not a fan of silver and have shied away from stainless steel in your kitchen, now is the time to consider your options.  Perhaps a gold or bronze metal is in your future.


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