How to Get the Copper Kitchen Trend

A collection of copper kitchen sinks.

You’ve seen all those lovely images of lovely, shimmering copper kitchen accessories on social media. We know our Livinator readers love a stylish kitchen! Today, we’ll take a look at some ways to get on the copper kitchen trend.

Homeowners have been using copper for centuries! They love the durability and beauty that it lends to any room. However you use it, copper is a wise style choice. It’s a timeless, proven classic that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

How to Have a Copper Kitchen


Perhaps the easiest way you can add copper is to install copper accents via your lighting.

A copper kitchen with a large island and stools.
Replace outdated lights with shimmering copper. (Pinterest)

Copper Sinks

Because of the wet environment, a copper sink will gain a gorgeous patina in time. This creates a depth of color you’ll never see from other sinks.

A copper kitchen sink with a black countertop.
Because of the simple design, the under-mounted sink is a subtle touch (native trails)
A copper kitchen sink.
Or, make a statement with this farmhouse sink. (native trails)

Copper Kitchen Cabinet Handles

It’s easy to change out handles! This is a quick and easy DIY that adds coppery class in just a few minutes.

A kitchen with copper handles and knobs.
Update cabinets with simple copper drawer pulls. (rapflava)
A kitchen with wooden cabinet handles and a bottle of wine in a copper kitchen.
On the other hand, you can make a style statement with custom-crafted copper accents. (handbal ltunisie)

Copper Kitchen Accessories

Another affordable way to use copper is to purchase accessories. Because of the affordability, you’ll stay on budget!

A copper kitchen set on a counter.
Indeed, you do deserve luxe copper cookware! (country door)
Copper canisters on a kitchen counter.
And, other copper-toned accessories finish the look. (fitted bathrooms and kitchens)
A copper kitchen with a counter top.
Of course, you want to display those copper accessories! (Pinterest)

Copper Range Hoods

You probably won’t find a copper range hood at your local hardware store. Nevertheless, these custom-crafted hoods are stunning!

A copper kitchen with a hood over a sink.
Add a custom-crafted copper range hood. You won’t regret the splurge! (circle city copper works)

Copper Backsplash

Because they are so large, a backsplash can be an impressive feature. Choose copper! It will become the focal point.

A copper kitchen with a stove and oven.

Experience true luxury! Because the copper backsplash is costly, make it a focal point. (digs digs)Get on the copper kitchen trend. It’s here to stay and your kitchen will be on point.

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