Colorful Kitchen : A Blog on Using Color in the Kitchen

A kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

It’s easy to love an all-white kitchen, But it’s timeless now. However, if you like a little spice in your kitchen, punch up the color by adding bright and bold hues to your cooking space. Use various color options and get inspired to infuse your kitchen with a more gloomy look. Read our blog to know more about what are the benefits of a colorful kitchen and get inspired to upgrade your kitchen decor. 

  1. Dark Blue Shade:
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Dark Blue Shade is a classic color, and adding blue gives a modern and stylish upgrade. It works with plenty of kitchen styles and patterns also. For an all-white kitchen, dark blue color gives an instant luxe look without having to change all of the white features in your kitchen space.

2.   Colorful Tiles:

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Get the traditional white subway tiles and embrace new shades. Updating or adding a tile can be the starting point for a new color palette in your kitchen Area. You can find tiles in just about any color. Touch and feel as the tiles feature plenty of patterns and texture styles. 

3. Orange and Black:

Using a combination of colors in your kitchen is the perfect way to add a  new life and personality into your cooking space. The Orange island, paired with the copper accents and black cabinets, is rich and offers an eye-catching contrast. There are also multiple ways to add unconventional colors to the blended mix.

4. Use Soft Colors:

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If bold color isn’t your vibe, but you’re craving new tones in your kitchen–opt for a lighter shade. Blues, greens, and pinks paired with white accents and light wood can soften the space but still add a new look. Those lighter tones will also help make your space look and feel brighter. While natural light is the easiest way to brighten a room, adding additional lights under your cabinets, lighter accessories on the countertops, and swapping out furniture for lighter materials and shades will also brighten and soften your kitchen.

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5. Colored Cabinets:

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Changing the color of your kitchen cabinets will significantly impact your cooking area design, but it can also significantly impact your budget. There are many things to think of when you’re changing the hue or contrast of your cabinets, like replacing or repainting and changing the color of all the cabinets or mixing and matching.

6. Mix and Match:

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Mixing colors, patterns, and textures can give your kitchen an unexpected style uniquely yours. It’s also fun to add personality to a room often guided by neutrals. Create a timeless kitchen color combination by mixing shades of blue and gray. Black and white mix-and-match kitchen cabinets set just the right tone.

7. Metal Colors:

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Complete all the essential hardware and cabinet handles in your kitchen. There are plenty of color options available that can transform the overall look of your kitchen. Golden Color handles with gray cabinets can be an excellent option.

8. Use Colored Wallpaper:

Wallpaper is an excellent way to add color, texture, and personality to any Kitchen. There are several ways to infuse color and fun with wallpapers. A fully wallpapered kitchen gives you flashbacks to the 90s kitchen decor. There are also plenty of easy-to-install temporary wallpapers that work beautifully and are renter and budget-friendly.

9. Corner Colors: 

Coloring corners in the kitchen can add more variety to the kitchen. Mixing neutrals, colors, and patterns can help balance out your space. The kitchen’s white floors and cabinets help the bold colors stand out. The bright white lets the color be the real star in this kitchen.

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10. Go Dark:

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11. Use Neon Colors:

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To add more variety of colors to your kitchen space, you can use neon colors also. Neon colors are bright versions of primary and secondary colors, like blue, red, green, yellow, and purple. These color options add more feeling to the kitchen space area.

12. Use Tricolor Combination:

Tri-toned cabinets are one of the newest kitchen design trends. Like a two-tone color scheme, it also provides an element of contrast to the space. For a smaller kitchen, you may skip this. Contrasting colors in a small kitchen area could make a kitchen look bigger.

13. Rainbow Colors:

Pastel rainbow colors are everything inside a home. These colors, in their shades with their warmness, create a sense of newness and class. Your house with these shades on its walls looks fresh and soft and feels welcoming at all times. Jazz up your home with good lighting, contracting furnishings, and metallic decor to pair with these soft tones.

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