Top 70 Small Kitchen Ideas

A collage of small kitchen ideas with different colors.

Your kitchen is  the most important part of your house and whether you are buying a house or building it from the scratch, you just cannot compromise on the quality. You can say that your kitchen is the representative of your house because that’s the one place that everyone visits. Therefor we decided to bring a comprehensive overview of the best small kitchen ideas and share the best findings from the entire internet.

Especially if you have an open kitchen then get ready to style it to the best because everyone who comes to your place will definitely pay a visit to it. And even if someone doesn’t come inside, he or she will still be able to see it from the outside as it’s an open style kitchen.

Benefits Of Having As Small Kitchen

Now, the minimalists out there will definitely agree with us on having a small kitchen and well, they won’t need any justifications to it but on the other hand people who live in luxury and class, they’ll need some convincing benefits of having a small kitchen.

First of all, people need to understand that luxury doesn’t mean huge bathrooms and massive kitchen spaces, no! In fact, luxury means to style a limited space in the best way possible and to get creative when you have to have to build it and paint it.

Here are a few benefits of why you need to opt for a smaller kitchen;

1 – It can save you some space

If you bought a small house then there’s no way you should be thinking about a huge kitchen because that will make you suffer a lot later when the space for all the rooms and bathroom will go short. So, the wiser thing to do is to get yourself a small and reasonably sized kitchen as that will leave you some room for the other places in your house.

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Kitchen
A collage of pictures showcasing creative small kitchen ideas.
Creative Ideas That Can Help You to Save Some Space in Your Kitchen

2 – You get to shop smarter

What do you think is the best thing to do? Should you be shopping a lot or should you be shopping less but smarter? Well, definitely you all will go with the later one because that’s what luxury is all about. You shop smarter and you add more class and style to the looks of your kitchen. 

3 – It can save you a lot of money

Again, shopping a lot and unnecessary stuff can cost you a lot but then if you have a huge kitchen, it’s very obvious that you’d have to shop a lot to fill it up. On the other hand having a smaller kitchen means to shop less and to shop quality which can be a huge money-saver for you.

4 – Less cleaning

And here’s something that will attract the women a lot. Smaller kitchens come with less maintenance requirements and lesser cleaning issues too. If you have a small kitchen, maintaining it can be the easiest thing to do on the Earth.

Top 70 Small Kitchen Ideas

Now, just to save you from all the hassle of finding the one perfect kitchen style, we thought to bring you 70 of the best small kitchen ideas that can save you a lot of money on your kitchen renovation and still look as luxurious as you want.

1 – The Open Cupboards

A small kitchen with yellow cabinets.
The Open Cupboards

You don’t want the things inside your kitchen to be out of your reach so opting for the open cupboards kitchen style is the best way to feel less claustrophobic and let the kitchen breath a little.

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2 – The Go Glasser

A small kitchen with a stainless steel sink and glass cabinets.
The Go Glasser

There’s a difference between having a huge kitchen and visually expanding it and if you want to feel spacious about your kitchen then add some glass to it. Probably a glass counter or a glass table top!

3 – The Bold Colored Kitchen

A small kitchen with colorful cabinets and counter tops.
The Bold Colored Kitchen

Remember, cold colors always are the best for small kitchens as they can change both, the look and the perceived size of the kitchen.

4 – Embrace what you have

Small kitchen with blue cabinets and a wooden island.
Embrace what you have

Instead of trying hard to make your kitchen look big, embrace all the space you have and utilize it to the maximum for the maximum luxury look – some of the best small kitchen ideas.

5 – Add Some Green

A small kitchen with green tile and gold accents.
Don’t like the bold colors? No issue, just add some green to your kitchen and make it look visually pleasing like never before.

6 – The White Kitchen

Small kitchen with a marble island and stools.
Keep it simple just as the size, add some white and then on top of it, add some wood to the kitchen and make it look luxurious like never before.

7 – The Charcoal Kitchen

Small kitchen ideas with blue cabinets and marble counter tops.
A charcoal kitchen defining luxury and elegance on its own!

8 – The Rustic Connected Kitchen

Small kitchen with a white cabinets and a black island.
Just look how amazing this small kitchen looks! It’s all rustic and elegant.

9 – Paris Style Kitchen Ideas

Small kitchen with wooden cabinets and a table and chairs.
The family style kitchen where you and your kids can eat together and catch up on some old memories – small kitchen ideas

10 – The Black And White Kitchen

A small kitchen with black and white wallpaper and stools.
Sort of an artistic kitchen that is unique and design and well, it’s going to impress a lot of visitors in your house.

11 – The Sky Pool Kitchen

A small kitchen with a checkered floor.
Do you love the sky, the blues and the pools etc? Well, opt for this beautiful kitchen and get the summer feels you’ve always wanted.

12 – Amber Kitchen – small kitchen ideas

A small kitchen with black cabinets and a checkered floor.
This amber style kitchen is wonderful and you cannot deny it | small kitchen ideas

13 – Deep Blue Wall Kitchen

Small white kitchen with a wood burning stove.
Kitchen with wood and a blue wall seems like a perfect idea for a simple and modern look.

14 – The Paris Wood Kitchen

A modern small kitchen with wooden cabinets and black stools.
Wooden kitchens and the crispy sound they make when you walk on them is just amazing!

15 – Blue Marble Kitchen

Small kitchen with wooden cabinets.
Blue marble can never go out of fashion and this kitchen style is an example for you!

16 – Modern Finish

A small white kitchen with a large island and stools.
Simple, modern and white, what else would you want in a small kitchen? This style is pure luxury.

17 – The Cozy Kitchen

Small kitchen design ideas with a sink and a window.
The Cozy Kitchen

Winters are here and you definitely would want some style that looks cozy and is warm. So, opt for the above style and let your kitchen do the talking for what an amazing designer you are.

18 – The Colorful Kitchen

A small kitchen with blue and red walls and a sink.
Vibrant colors with white make a perfect combination for a lively kitchen to eat and cook in.

19 – Simple and Modern

Small green kitchen with window.
Want to keep it small and simple? Well, here we are with a design to help you with that.

20 – The Blue Floor Kitchen

A small kitchen with blue walls.
Blue floor seems like a good idea especially if you live in an area where the temperature is always rising up. It’s elegant and this style looks wonderful.

21 – White And Vibrant

Small kitchen ideas with stools and a purple rug.
A visually expanding style that is all white and vibrant too. You won’t ever feel like yawning in this kitchen for sure.

22 – Farmhouse Style kitchen

A small kitchen adorned with a plethora of brass pots and pans.
Farmhouse Style kitchen

Are you fascinated with Indians and their living style? Well, if yes then this Indian farmhouse style kitchen is something you would definitely like.

Unique Shrubbery Designs

23 – The Gallery Kitchen

Small kitchen with stainless steel appliances
If you have a beautiful view to look outside then why not opt for a gallery style kitchen and have some great area to watch while you cook?

24 – The City Living

A small kitchen featuring black and white cabinets and a wooden floor.
White, simple, wooden floor and country living style kitchen. The above picture are goals! | small kitchen ideas

25 – The Dark Cabinet

Small kitchen with black cabinets and a rug on the floor.
Dark cabinets, a bit shadowy kitchen and a colorful piece of carpet looks great!

26 – The Country Feel Kitchen

A small white kitchen with a white island and chairs.
This country feel kitchen is small, simple and it has its own definition of the word “modern”.

27 – Mountaintop Kitchen

A small kitchen with a large center island decorated for Christmas.
A little greenery, a little mountain-ish look, not a bad idea, no? Just look how beautiful it looks especially in the day time.

28 – The Artwork

A small modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and stools.
An artist would definitely want his kitchen to speak for his profession and well, this picture and this kitchen style is a pretty good idea for such a person.

29 – The Antiques Kitchen

Small kitchen with wooden floors and a wooden table.
For someone who thinks antiques are luxury, this kitchen style is the best. It has a wooden floor and different antiques present on top.

30 – The Playful Space

A modern kitchen with small white cabinets and white counter tops.
Do you want to visually expand your kitchen space? If yes, then this playful and spacious looking kitchen is not at all a bad idea.

31 – The Couple Kitchen

A small black and white kitchen with a table and chairs.
Two simple chairs, a small table and a small kitchen for cooking seems like a perfect place for couples to have meals together.

32 – Extra Shelves

A small white kitchen with a table and chairs.
Do you want to have more storage spaces in your kitchen to keep all the stuff? Well, if that’s a yes then go for this simple kitchen that is full of shelves.

33 – Rustic Farmhouse

A horse is looking out of a small kitchen window.
Do you miss your farmhouse or are you more of a village person? Well, if yes then opt for this rustic farmhouse style kitchen and revive your memories.

34 – Modern and minimalist

A small kitchen with a white table and chairs.
Marble tiles and wooden floors might seem like a bad combination at first but honestly, it’s the best way to spend your money on a worthy kitchen style.

35 – England Cookin Space

A small black stove in a kitchen.
The British looking kitchen is speaking for itself. It’s elegant and it looks so simple that it’s hard to resits.

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