5 Reasons a Kitchen Island Should Be Your Next Project

Modern kitchen interior with island and pendant lights.

If you haven’t installed a kitchen island in your cooking area then you’re yet to witness the real potential of one.

Islands are not only a thing of beauty and a way to occupy unused space in your kitchen. They can also multitask as a social space and storage area for your cooking effects.

And in the morning, it can serve as your breakfast bar—a place to enjoy hot tea or coffee with your loved ones.

A kitchen with a high dining room ceiling, bar stools, and a wine cellar.

A kitchen design featuring a white ambiance and a wooden center island.

A kitchen with wood beams and a large island for kitchen islands.

A Jill of all Trades: Islands Can Blend into Any Kitchen

You’ll particularly love the idea of a kitchen island because they can be done in a thousand unique ways. Anybody can fit into any cooking place.

Your kitchen space shouldn’t be an excuse either. Creative islands fit well in small, medium-sized and large pantries.

A kitchen with white cabinets and blue stools showcases one of the top kitchen trends of 2019.

A kitchen with a center island and white cabinets.
White island. Clear pendants. White cabinets. How bright and cheerful!

If you have too much space, they are a clever way to fill the emptiness. Still, there’s something for you if you have little room to spare.

The catch, for many homeowners is to do a simple, affordable renovation and achieve more out of it. And an island is a makeover you won’t regret because you earn more for less.

The Many Roles of a Kitchen Island

A kitchen with a large island.

So why would you spend time and money on an island project?

1. They are a social space

The idea of cooking all alone in a separate room can be depressing especially after a day of hard work.

A kitchen with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances featuring kitchen islands.

Islands are popular because they serve as the hosting area for the cook’s company. And with people around, you can chat and even get some help throughout the cooking session.

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As hinted earlier, they can also host a breakfast session or host an evening coffee-talk with a friend.

2. More room for storage

Update Your Kitchen With Blue Island and Stools

A renovated kitchen with yellow walls and a table and chairs.

Whether through a cabinet or shelf, you’ll almost certainly find a way to turn your island into a storage area. They are a clever way to keep everything away and avoid a cramped kitchen that could hinder your activities.

Be creative when adding storage to your island, if you don’t have space for a cupboard, add a recessed rack or mug holder.

3. Enjoy extra working space

A kitchen with a black island and white cabinets.

Pantry islands offer extra countertops which in many instances help complete the kitchen/cooking triangle in many cooking zones.

And even if it doesn’t, any cook would fancy the idea of more cooking space because working in a crammed area is not only tiresome but also risky.

If you like, you can also add an extra sink to your island to make it more purposeful.

4. Install extra appliances

Update your kitchen with blue cabinetry and a center island.

Your island can host extra equipment such as a built-in oven. And it goes without mentioning, installing extra appliances adds more function and looks to your cooking area.

5. They are the center of attraction

A kitchen with a marble counter top.

Enter a well-organized pantry and the kitchen island will steal all your attention.  Islands stand out because they are centrally-placed and difficult to ignore.

They also do well occupying a rather empty space which is why



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