10 Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Mini-Spa

If you need a moment of relaxation, but you do not have time to visit the spa this week, why not turn your own bathroom into a temple of relaxation!

These 10 simple ideas to make your bathroom worthy of a spa will help you create a relaxing environment.

Because between mid-term school projects, overtime at the job and shorter days, we need more time than ever for ourselves!

Because between mid-term school projects, overtime at the job and shorter days, we need more time than ever for ourselves!

1. Infused Water To Keep You Hydrated

A spa-inspired jar with strawberries, cucumbers and limes.

A few hours before taking your bath, fill a large Mason jar or pitcher with cucumber slices, strawberries, lemon slices, and some fresh mint leaves.

Your spa-like water will be perfect for staying hydrated throughout your relaxing session.

2. A Basket Of Diy Products

A spa-inspired bag with a bottle of soap and a wooden spoon next to it.

If you’re a fan of homemade bath products, gather them in a nice basket of soft fabric or wicker. Add a natural sponge and a hair clip and you are equipped for relaxation!

Why not drop your own bath bombs too!

3. Soothing And Invigorating Essential Oils

Two bottles of lavender essential oil on a wooden table create a spa-like ambiance.

Essential oils will immediately give a spa scent to your bathroom. In addition to feeling good, they have multiple benefits on mood and health. Pour a few drops into your bath or activate a diffuser 30 minutes before taking your bath.

I like to associate aromas in duos, such as mandarin and mint or lavender and thyme.

4. An Inviting Mask Bar

A hand holding a cucumber-infused sheet mask at a spa.

At the spa, you will get a facial that always includes a good mask. Gather your favorite masks in a wallet or basket to compose an extensive à la carte menu.

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Depending on the needs of your skin, you can choose one and apply it while you are dipping. Complete with a toning lotion and a moisturizer adapted to your skin type.

5. A Bouquet Of Eucalyptus

A spa bathroom with a white tub.

In addition to giving a touch of greenery to the room, eucalyptus helps to clear the bronchi and thus improve breathing. Hang a bouquet of eucalyptus branches on the showerhead or place a few branches in a vase.

You will find eucalyptus branches at the florists.

6. A Candle To Create Atmosphere

A serene spa ambiance with two candles and eucalyptus leaves on a table.

To accompany your fragrances with essential oils and eucalyptus, choose candles white all simple and unscented.

You can decorate them with fresh herbs such as sage, rosemary branches or sprigs of lavender.

7. A Dry Brush For A Soft Skin

A wooden spa brush on top of a white towel.

Brushing your skin for two minutes before taking a bath activates the blood circulation and makes the skin really soft, in addition to helping to slightly reduce the appearance of cellulite. In addition, it’s very nice!

Pass the brush from the feet upward, emphasizing areas such as ankles, groin and armpits, where the risk of poor circulation is greater.

8. A Relaxing Musical List

A woman enjoying a spa bath with bubbles.

Once in the water, it’s time to close your eyes and think of nothing. And like at the spa, phones are forbidden!

Choose musical pieces that make you relax and calm you down. You can even give a funny name to your music list; mine is called “Relaxe, ma grande”.

9. A Cozy Bathrobe At Your Fingertips

A woman is tying her shoes in a cozy gray fuzzy slipper at a spa.

The advantage of the cozy bathrobe: it allows your skin to dry without being tugged by a towel. Choose it with a hood, for a cocoon effect.

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You can complete with matching slippers.

10. A Luxurious Moisturizer To Complete The Session

Aesop spa products on a white table.

Buy a shea body butter, an organic honey face lotion, a vitamin serum, in short, create a scrub care routine that you will carefully reserve for bath time.

Before you slip into the hot water, collect the products on the countertop. They will only wait for you to complete the spa moment.

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