Design Ideas for a Teen’s Game Room

While there is so much controversy over whether or not teens should be allowed to play so many games, there is an equal amount of research that tells us games can teach a great number of life skills as well. If you have a teen that loves to game and has friends in the neighborhood who are always hanging out at each other’s houses, why not remodel your son’s game room so that it will be the talk of his friends? Anyway, wouldn’t you rather have them all at your house where you can monitor what is going on? Here are some design ideas that will delight your son while giving him space he can consider to be his own.

Keep It Comfy

While you could always get those gaming chairs that sit on the floor and have built in cup holders and places to set the controller, those aren’t really the best option if you are shooting for a game room designed to wow even the most discriminating of gamers. The best advice is to keep it comfy. Instead of those hard, supposedly ergonomic gaming chairs, why not get a soft sofa recliner? They can kick back and play in total comfort. A sofa-loveseat reclining combo would be nice too. What about other friends who are not playing and just watching the action? They need to be comfortable as well.

Upgrade to a Gaming Desktop

If your teen has been gaming online with a game system like Xbox or PlayStation, you might want to consider adding a desk to set up as a station to play on one of today’s leading gaming desktop computers. You can get good deals on the website and maybe you can upgrade to a package that has all the peripherals. You’ll need either a mouse or a controller, a keyboard, speakers, and a good headset as well. With a gaming desktop computer, your son can always use it for homework and to study for tests as well.

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Don’t Give up the Game System Just Yet!

After you’ve added teen style décor, your son will want to have all his friends over to see his ‘good luck.’ He will be proud to show off his new game room but if just he and maybe one other player is using the new gaming computer, what will the other friends do? Some parents found that by saving the game console and adding a large screen TV to dub as a monitor, everyone can have something to do instead of being bored watching as others have fun.

There is nothing that touches a gamer’s heart quite as much as having their very own space to game to their heart’s content with minimal distractions. They are, after all, trying to save the world from alien creatures who came down to lord over humanity. The family room was nice but there were just too many interruptions and just the thought of having their very own space is enough to send them into a state of euphoria. Congratulations mom and dad! You’ve finally impressed a teenager for probably the first time ever!

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