What is Rustic Style Décor?

In 2022, rustic décor is trending across social media platforms and is a highlight in many interior design publications. However, it can be challenging to articulate which elements truly make a design “rustic.” Here, we’ll help you tell just which elements come together to create a genuinely rustic interior and understand how to make these elements work in your home.

What makes décor rustic?

Identifying what elements create rustic décor can be tricky, especially when the style strives to seem effortless. So what exactly works for a rustic look?

Color Inspiration from Nature

Rustic décor relies on inspiration from nature, so using natural colors and earth tones is vital. This doesn’t mean your colors have to be boring—it just means they shouldn’t be overwhelming in your space. For instance, opt for a forest green over emerald or a burnt orange instead of bright, sherbet-like shades.

If you’re struggling to find color inspiration, spend some time outdoors and explore the natural shades you enjoy. If your eyes are naturally drawn to the trees, seek muted green and brown shades in your room. Look for sunset colors or subdued blue shades if you gravitate towards sky colors. Explore color palettes to find combinations you find pleasing before choosing wall colors or rustic furniture.

A bedroom with rustic style décor and a bed.

Emphasis on Natural Beauty

At its heart, the rustic style is simple and laid back. The design evokes the countryside or pastoral lifestyle, so focusing on natural elements is a big part of rustic décor. Items that depict or suggest open scenery and landscapes support this look, especially when made from raw or rough materials, like reclaimed wood or repurposed items. 

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Using unfinished or minimally finished wood or stone and simple, delicate pieces can give your home a rustic feeling. As a bonus, artisans often create these items, so you can support small businesses while adding unique elements to your home. 

Organic Pieces and Textures

Leaning into organic textures can give your home the rustic look you’re aiming for and provide simple daily comforts. For instance, simple woven blankets can be a design element and a cozy, functional item in your living room or bedroom.

Textiles don’t stop at blankets, however. You can choose rugs and wall art made from natural fibers or repurposed items. Macrame wall hangings are a great way to incorporate new textures and add graphic elements to a room.

Imperfect Elements

Above all else, rustic décor is leisurely and doesn’t seek perfection. Like nature, it avoids straight lines in favor of natural growth and textures. So as you choose elements for your new rustic space, don’t worry about finding perfect items. Instead, seek functional antiques that support your style or rustic furniture that your family will use and wear down over time, making them unique to your home.

Rustic style décor isn’t complicated and shouldn’t be stressful. After all, its elements are meant to bring you and your family back to nature with a simple design and earth-like colors. This style is not only straightforward; it can be simple to achieve in any space and is versatile enough for everyone to use. If you’re looking for more rustic décor inspiration, take time to explore online and note which furniture and design pieces resonate with you, so you can curate a rustic space that’s uniquely you.

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