How to Decorate Your College Student Room with Our Top Tips

A bedroom with a bed and a mirror in a college student room.

Your college student room is many things to you – a place to rest, study, and socialize – and you want it to live up to these expectations. However, in a literal sense, it’s also a blank space that you need to fill up with several things of your choice. What you do with the room determines its overall look and says a thing or two about your personality. You can set up your room in several ways, and there are massive potentials that you can tap into if you put your creative imagination to use. You can easily transform your student room from a blank space into a home for you to unwind and relax. Here are some tips to help you achieve this.

1. Use damage-free hanging strips

You can do without blu tac and bare walls by decorating your walls without hanging strips. This also means that you won’t be incurring your landlord’s wrath. These strips are discreet and capable of holding photo frames, notice boards, and canvases in place to give your room a sophisticated and homely look. These strips help you to revitalize a lifeless and sterile wall with graphics and stylish art. At some point, hanging pictures on the wall meant you would be losing your deposit, but that’s no longer the case with these wall hanging strips. You can now decorate your room without damaging or marking the wall.

Alternatively, you can use Washi Tape to hang pictures and posters on the wall without the risk of losing your deposit. Although this tape is more visible than the hanging strips, you can use it several ways to create impressive wall designs in your student room. With these two options, you have the creative edge with your room design using wall decorations as you will.

2. Go wild with your wall decoration and add plants

It’s no news that you can show your style off and give your room more personality by decorating your walls. You may consider a collage wall or a gallery (with photos, clippings, prints, and postcards) and use this to make a big impact within a small space. You can also make your wall more stylish by hanging a flatweave rug using the adhesive damage-free strip.

However, being a student, you’re likely on a budget, so the goal is to get more done with very little at hand. This is the same principle at play when buying college essays from essay writing services. You can get high-quality essays that ensure high grades by spending very little time and affordable sums. Thankfully, you can also get the desired result in your room decoration with very little funds if you put more creativity to use. For instance, you can use string lights to hand photos, display art from clipboards rather than photo frames, or use washi tapes to create your art.

You can improve your design effort by using removable wallpapers and wall decals. The caveat is that you need to be sure of the dorm policies before applying these products. Even though many of them claim to be damage and mess-free, you can’t be too sure if you haven’t used them before.

Our Top Tips for decorating a college student room with a potted plant on a white shelf.


If you love plants, then you should look to decorate your room with plants. There are several low-maintenance plants and small succulents that you can support with adhesive wall shelves. You can keep things even simpler by getting ferns (or other fake plants) to give your room the greenery you desire without the added responsibility of keeping a plant alive.

3. Lights and more lights

You can create an Instagram-worthy college dorm room with how you decorate it, lighting places and essential roles. Fancy lights help you create a chic abode. So you need to get creative with the way you add light to your room. Lightboxes, bedside lamps, and other light sources can help to create an ambiance in your room and give it a refreshing look. Lights help you make an otherwise dark, blank, and uninviting room into something more homely. You can add some warmth and coziness by using decorative lighting.

4. Beautifully patterned bedding

You probably didn’t know this, but your bedding is a big part of your room decoration. It’s not enough to do wonders with the walls and floors and include several beautiful structures in the room without beautiful bedding. How you set up your room would determine the bedding pattern you use, but there are lots of beautiful and cheerful bedding designs that you can use. Being the centerpiece in your room, your bedding can match your overall design and make your room more beautiful, or it can overwrite all the good work you’ve done in the room. Hence you need quality and beautiful bedding to go with your room design.


There are several ways to decorate your student room, but these are some of the tips that top our list. You can try them out to enjoy the benefits.


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