6 Beautiful Decorative Light Lamps To Add To Your Home Décor This 2020 (#5 is our Timeless Favorite)

The home exactly reflects the things we love! Adding small little decorative items to your home decor makes it even more appealing and elegant. From eccentric timepieces to the contemporary figurines, all turn out to be some impressive and amazing add-ons. But what truly draws out the very best in your home are beautiful decorative lights fixtures that can instantly brighten any home decor appearance. Your extravagant bedroom ought to have the perfect amount of light for awesome illumination. Also, proper dining room illumination is essential in any home, whether it’s simply one simple light fixture. Have a look at these top 6 decorative lights that you’ll surely want to bring home!

New Moon Balls of Light

Entertain your decor by the light of your very own moon. These glorious orbs of light are excellent indoors or out and best decorative light fixtures, creating the perfect ambiance for classy dinner parties or casual backyard gatherings. Each illuminated globe light offers fascinating beauty by which guests will certainly be awestruck. These decorative lamps are perfect for your bedroom living room or indoor passage.

Stella Wall Sconce

Gaze into the decorative light fixtures. This stylish wall lamp can be easily purchased with or without the given stand for two very distinct looks. With the stand, a glass globe rests in a stylish metal ring with the lamp’s wire gracefully swooping below the backplate. It has blending form and function in such a way as to keep a space well-lit and uncluttered. Without the stand, the glass globe opens freely with sophisticated simplicity. Both styles create an undeniable classy look.

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Adele Golden Marble Lamp

With an elegant and graceful silhouette as well as luxurious golden hue, this elegant fancy ceiling lamp is at the height of glamour. Simply sophisticated, it features a streamlined cloth shade with an eye-catching attractive gold liner. A white marble base grounds the entire design in sophistication and elegance.

Adele Golden Marble Lamp

Monochromatic Table Lamp

Shining a light on modern sophistication as decorative light fixtures. With a simple silhouette and also monochromatic tonality, this stylish and elegant table lamp blends effortlessly into any setting. The aluminum base and iron shade offer this chic lamp an industrial look and feel. Perfect for a bedside table, work surface or just to brighten a reading nook.

Alexi Modern Table Lamp

Everything looks bright and intense with this contemporary domed decorative ceiling lamp on your corner table. With clean lines and also the subtle geometric touch, this bold lamp features a gold metal base to it with a painted gray metal shade. It offers endless possibilities to add a modern touch to a desktop or night table.

Alexi Modern Table Lamp

Ball of Light Wall Sconce

Shine a light on minimalism at its most elegant with this decorative light fixture. Our Ball of Light’s sophisticated glass globe appears to float atop a slim metal L-shaped stem for a contemporary look that’s bound to get second glances. You choose whether the globe sits upright or hangs down. You can even place this fixture on the ceiling as a decorative ceiling lamp best decorated for the wall. There are so many ways to create the ideal ambiance.

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A decorative wall light with a glass globe attachment.

Therefore, modern and contemporary decorative lights are used for interior design. The mood of an individual must be cool and dynamic when he stays in the fountain of the eye-catching and appealing illuminated room. Besides, the ultra-sleek, portable as well as easy-to-assemble lighting accessories like these give homeowners the scope of enhancing their rooms. At Letify, we help you choose to serve and present your indoors and outdoors with the best lamps and decorative light fixtures in the best way with elegance.

How to improve your exterior lighting installing led flood lights

Outdoor lighting is essentially an integral part of a resident, or any exterior commercial or industrial area. It is essential, effective, and provides a sense of comfort and security. 

It adds beauty to any exterior with a certain concept, and there are several ways you can improve the exterior lighting of your home or office building by installing LED flood lights. 

exterior lighting led

Choosing the right led flood light 

LED flood lights are safety rated for outdoor environments. Their design and functional components are carefully put together to withstand extreme conditions like rain, snow, humidity, etc. The UL rating is usually mentioned on the fixture. 

Flood lights are not only for general lighting they can be layered with other light fixtures or their four different cut off types specify their usage.  

The cut off types are: 

Full cutoff:

A full cut off flood light is for providing very focused light, it has a narrow spread and usually used as decorative flood light. 


A cut off flood light only projects light in either upward or downward direction so best suited for up lighting or downlighting any architectural or landscape features. 

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Semi-cutoff flood lights have a wide distribution angle. They can be used for facade lighting or directional lighting. 


These flood lights are for general lighting and flood the area with light. Around a circular path. 

Flood light fixtures vary in size, functionality, and capacity. 

Purpose of LED flood light 

LED flood light is a wide angled high-power artificial lighting source. It is to illuminate any exterior, specifically those which are quite functional. An adequate exterior lighting system is essentially for two reasons: 

  1. Security 
  2. Visibility

Of course, no one would want unwanted attention diverted to their property for many reasons. And if so, flood lights are extremely helpful as security flood lights. 

And if the property is in a secluded space, it sort of becomes essential.

Light layout

As each fixture varies in terms of their function and capacity, i.e. lumen output. It’s imperative to determine a layout before choosing the fixture to help purchase the perfect light equipment suited to your needs.  

Few areas to consider when placing lights around the house are: 

  • Entrance
  • Walkway,
  • driveway.
  • Backyard,
  • Patio
  • Landscape trees, bushes, flower beds.

Landscape flood lights are ideally for visibility and safety to walk around in frequently used passages. 

Facade flood lights are for accenting landscape features like trees or bushes or building features. 

It is important to note that the light fixtures should be positioned at a certain angle and height so it doesn’t point directly to any neighbouring houses or street as the glare from the fixture will cause strain and obstruction in most cases 

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Flood light fixtures allow several mounting options so they can be mounted on poles, beneath trees or on pathways by yolk mount, direct line supply or surface mounted on both buildings or ground. 

They are the best fixtures for accent or decorative lighting for any home exterior. 

Integral features of flood lights 


Light dimmers adjust the level of brightness. This feature is highly energy conserving. 

Motion sensors

Motion sensors switch on the light at the very instant someone or something moves past it. They make very good security flood lights and also aid in energy conserving in laces where security is of priority and light is not required at all hours,  


Photocells determine when to switch on the light if the surrounding gets dark. Effective on rainy days and for extra cost savings. All LED flood lights like landscape, street lights, surface-mounted lights integrate photocells. 


Flood lights are not only effective exterior lights for security, but they enhance ambiance and outdoor features surrounding the area. LED flood lights are a cost effective and essential investment for homeowners and by installing them one can benefit off of their exceptional and affordable aspects. 

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