Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen

Living in the woods and mountains brings on some compulsory shift in taste and culture, at least that’s how the rustic kitchen design came to be. Back then, houses of people who lived in the mountains were spacious and made from natural materials.

A rustic kitchen with red cabinets and black counter tops.

These days, such designs can be perfectly mimicked in contemporary rustic kitchens without any form of shaggy shabbiness and what not. And you too should get an exceptional rustic kitchen design that you’d love cooking in.

Rustic Kitchen Design Tips

Rustic log cabin kitchen with table and chairs.

Rustic kitchen design is characterized by the following:

– Different

Rustic kitchen with wooden beams and bar stools.

No matter the types of designs you think you have seen in your life or tried out, rustic is a whole new ball game. Rustic style for your kitchen is not the everyday design, that’s why we’re excited you’re trying it out. It’s a novel, and it’s different.

– Spacious

A rustic kitchen with wood floors and brick walls.

As the inventors of rustic style were not pressed for space, one primary essence of rustic design has come to be spaciousness. So you’d love this all the more with a spacious kitchen.

– Refreshing & Natural

A rustic kitchen with wood beams and stools.

Do you like the pleasant smell of wood. That’s what rustic is all about. You’ll have the chance to use fresh wood to build stuff that has got to be an experience.

Focus Areas when Designing

A rustic kitchen design featuring stone counter tops and wooden cabinets.

The Walls

The walls of your rustic kitchen can be panelled. This adds some endearing feel to the boundaries and helps you enjoy your time in your kitchen.

A cozy kitchen with a wood stove and stairs, featuring rustic design elements.

You can also decide to opt for white walls instead. White walls give you a feeling of brightness and cheer; you’d enjoy your time cooking in a cheerful kitchen.

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The Colors

A Rustic kitchen design with wood beams and bar stools.

Choosing colors that fit the rustic-themed kitchen is not difficult. Choose neutral colors to achieve the sand and wood feel, you know, like you were out with the elements. Make sure that you strike an excellent balance between white and other neutral colors that you have chosen.

The Décor

A Rustic Kitchen with Stone Walls and Wooden Beams.

The general décor of the rustic kitchen design is masculine. You’d need to look at having wooden beamed ceilings. Rough finishing your wood and furniture is also a great idea, plus you can hang stuff on the wall, like cowhides. Your wood needs no painting as far as the rustic design is concerned. You must stay as close to nature as possible.

Rustic Kitchen Fabrics and Furniture

Rustic outdoor kitchen with stone walls and a fireplace.

Fabrics in the rustic kitchen are preferably natural, braided and handwoven. Choose linen, wool or burlap when deciding on your kitchen fabrics.

Choose large scaled pieces. You know what? For old time feeling, use non-shiny metal. Just keep it rustic.

Extra Bonus Ideas

A rustic kitchen with a wooden ceiling and bar stools.

To add some perfection to your rustic kitchen design, mimic nature in the decor. Make drawer handles that look like twigs, use handwoven baskets and wooden vessels to adorn your kitchen.

You can also place found things at different points of your kitchen. If you were to see a stone you consider pretty (you never can tell), bring it into your rustic kitchen and have it sit at a nice spot. There, you can be more in touch with the things you secretly admire.

Rustic kitchen with wooden ceilings and floors.

Wrap Up

If it’s rustic, then it must be different, spacious and natural. Earthy colors and ruggedness are what you’d want to see. The organic warmth of the contemporary rustic kitchen brings lightness and freshness into your home. And we hope you’d enjoy that.

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