10 ways to transform a piece of furniture WITHOUT repainting

You want to “pimper” an old piece of furniture, without having to go through all the steps of stripping, sanding and painting? Good news! It is quite possible to leave room for your creativity and revamp an old piece of furniture without spending hours. Here are some ideas for doing this!

1. Change the handles: diamond handles

A dresser transformed into a black piece of furniture in a room with a rug.

You can find great finds in major renovation centers. The diamond style handles, for example, give a glamorous style to the furniture as much as to the entire room.


2. Change the handles: hand-painted handles

A display of many different types of buttons transformed into furniture.

You can also find hand-painted porcelain handles, sold in shops specialized in decoration and lifestyle. If your furniture looks ugly and dull, colorful handles will bring him this little ” je-ne-sais-quoi ” crunchy. They are perfect for giving your furniture a bohemian and vintage look.

3. Repaint the handles

A bedroom with transformable furniture.

For even less expense, paint the existing handles on your furniture with an aerosol paint designed for the metal. My favorite brand for spray painting is Rustoleonum .

4. Add reinforcements in the corners of the drawers

A bed transformed with a green pillow and zebra print headboard.

The shapes of your furniture are square and rather flat? Well I have the solution for you to give it wealth! Add ornaments to the four corners of the drawers, as seen on Mid Century style furniture. You will bring a modern, classic and urban touch. These ” T ” shaped ornaments are reinforcements that can be found in home improvement centers.

5. Create geometric patterns with Frog Tape

An octagonal coffee table with yellow stripes, designed to transform the furniture.

The Frog Tape is a wonderful option to add a little ” plus  ” to a piece of furniture, especially if it is still in good condition. All you need to do is glue Frog Tape tape to your furniture to create geometric patterns, then paint between the ribbon marks. Frog Tape offers 3 design options.

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6. Paste washi tape on it

A geometrically-patterned transform furniture.

The washi tape is another great option that can give a modern retro effect to your furniture!

7. Put wallpaper in the drawers

A transformed dresser with floral dividers.

The wallpaper is a great idea to highlight the interior or the edges of the drawers of your furniture. And why not outside by sticking it on the front of the drawers. You will need Mod Podge to stick it and a spatula to squeeze everything and avoid air bubbles.

Pssst!: You can find kraft paper at De Serres, perfect for this type of transformer!

8. Add a lace pattern on the front of the drawers

A transformable dresser with a gold and blue pattern on it.

Use old lace curtains (or any other piece of fabric made of lace), place them on the front of the drawers and cover with aerosol paint. This detail on the front of the drawers will give this effect “wow” so much sought after!

9. Cover the mirror cabinet

Two pictures of a transformed dresser with mirrored drawers.

This transformer is a little more advanced. We see a lot of furniture covered with a mirror. Why not make one yourself! Take measurements of your furniture and go to a glazier; it will give you an estimate of the costs of the materials. Or for even less money, get old mirrors and just cut them off.

Then use PL glue , preferably from the Lepage brand. This extremely powerful glue will require a tube gun, which costs only a few dollars. Finally, stick your mirrors, simply. The final look will be breathtaking!

10. Add numbers to the drawers

A white dresser transformed with numbers painted on it.

Is not that a great idea? Go to the civic number alley in the nearest reno center and you will find numbers with dimensions, colors and metallic effects that you like. Again, to glue them, the ideal is to use PL glue.

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