How Much Does It Cost to Install a Commercial Door

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There are a lot of different reasons as to why you would want to install a commercial door. Your business might need a new door due to damages from a storm or a break-in, or maybe you just decided that it is finally time for a change.

Maybe you bought this business from someone else and the doors that are currently installed don’t match the aesthetic that you are trying to bring to the business, or maybe the doors are very old and worn and it would be better for everyone involved if they were just fixed and replaced. No matter the reason, there is always the question about price.

You always want to know how much something is going to cost before you put a lot of work and effort into a project. If you own a business you probably have some money saved up for purchases like this but maybe you don’t and before you put in all the work of getting a door replacement set up you need to know how much it is going to cost. So how much does a Commercial Door door installation cost?

That depends on who you ask, what kind of door or service you are looking for, and where you go to get the job done. There are a lot of things that lead up to door replacement, installation, or repair.

If you are replacing a door, you pretty much already know what you want because you have had it done before. You have the sizes that you need and you know the types of doors you can choose from.

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If you are repairing a door, it is the same result. You have someone come in and they will fix your door up to be good as new and you’re fine.

Installing a door though, this one is a big first step. Luckily after you make this step, you never really have to go through the process again. So let’s talk about the types of doors and what they can be used for so that you can decide which one that you want and then we can talk about prices.

A Wooden door. This is just a basic door that you definitely have in your home. It works great as exterior to any business but it will need a lot of repairs down the line which is why it is one of the cheapest options. Only a few hundred dollars for the installation and then repairs can be about $150 total, but that’s the starting point for almost any of the doors that you can pick.

A Steel door might be the most expensive on the list. But you know that if you buy this door you aren’t going to have to do repairs on it very often. It is super tough and won’t bend or break under pressure. It’s also super safe for security reasons, but this might make your store seem unwelcoming as this door doesn’t have any aesthetic appeal to it. This door installation starts at $150 but can go much higher depending on what you want.

Lastly, we have the door that fits right in between both of the options above. The Fiberglass door. This door requires little repair, it’s not cheap so it won’t break easily, but it’s not expensive so it won’t break your bank. You can see through it nicely and that will, in turn, make your business look larger and more inviting.

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Talk to a professional installer and see what kind of deals you can work out as all installations are different.


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  1. My mom has been planning to put up her dream café shop. I do agree that wooden doors are a good addition to any commercial business especially if the aesthetics matter to you. But it may need frequent repairs. We may have to think through what type of material is good for the shop.

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