Trend Alert – Perforated Design

A modern house with a black exterior, trendy wooden deck.

Perforated, put simply, is something that is pierced with a hole or holes.  It is currently a top trend for 2015, showing up in architecture, interior design and fashion.  Today’s perforations range from industrial to artistic in design.

A trendy staircase made of metal with a perforated design.
Stair railings enhanced with perforated panels (Pinterest)
A trendy bedroom with a large window overlooking a wooded area featuring a perforated design.
Beautiful perforated panels enhance this bedroom, providing a unique window treatment (decorfox)
A trendy blue rug with a perforated design on the floor.
Very sweet table and chair with decorative perforation (homegue)

Shops and corporate offices employ perforated design into their interiors by way of wall and ceiling panels, as well as staircase rails.  This design offers a unique modern appeal that can capture light in creative ways and stand out as a distinct design element.

A salon with trendy perforated design.
Beauty salon with perforated walls and ceiling (design-milk)
A lounge area with a trendy perforated design.
Restaurant with perforated accents (Pinterest)
A trendy office with a Perforated Design lit up wall.
Red Bull office with perforated panels (homeize)
A modern office with metal dividers featuring a trendy perforated design.
Artistically perforated panels (interiorzine)
A trendy red staircase featuring a perforated design in a building.
Stunning perforated stair railing (2014interiordesignarticle)

Home interiors with perforated design elements stand out in a modern way.  Staircases wrapped in perforated metal look especially unique.  Wall and ceiling panels with various designs enhance living spaces, adding depth and dimension.  Perforated window treatments cast light in interesting patterns and even cabinetry gets a boost with perforated inlays.

A trendy spiral staircase in a modern living room with a perforated design.
Circular perforated stair panels accent this modern home (elliealaref.blogspot)
A modern living room with a trendy perforated fireplace.
Perforated ceiling accent (trendier)
A modern bathroom with a large glass window featuring a perforated design.
Perforated window treatments create beautiful light designs (decorfox)
A white living room with wooden walls and a black leather couch featuring Trend Alert - Perforated Design.
Interior panel creates a statement with perforation (trendier)
A bathroom with a sink and a toilet featuring a trendy perforated design.
Sink cabinet with perforated design (bestofinteriordesign.blogspot)
A living room with a large glass wall featuring a trendy perforated design overlooking a wooded area.
Perforated window panels enhance this modern space (trendier)

In architecture, perforated accents and additions add interesting texture to commercial and residential structures.  Intricate patterns or simple industrial-style perforations embrace buildings for modern panache.

A circular white building with a perforated design.
Very modern building utilizing perforated materials (chictip)
Trend Alert: A modern house with a metal facade featuring a perforated design.
This modern façade looks great with perforated panels (trendier)
A white building with trendy perforated design.
Perforated building (Pinterest)
A close up of a building with perforated metal panels showcasing the trendy perforated design.
Unique perforated panels accent this building (inhabitat)
A white building with a perforated design on the side of it.
Stylish perforation on this building (stylepark)

Furniture designed with perforations enhances modern interiors, lending dimensional weight and interest.  Tables and chairs with creative designs look fresh and structural.  These pieces have an edge that is modern and one-of-a-kind.

Trend Alert: Two pictures showcasing a table with two bowls featuring the captivating Perforated Design.
Perforated tables (Pinterest)
A trendy brass table with perforated design.
Kelly Wearstler perforated table (thedecorlounge)
A dining table with perforated chairs in a trendy room.
Modern and unique perforated dining set (styleofdesign)
A trendy white table and chairs featuring a perforated design.
Perforated table creates unique design (
A black chair with a floral pattern and perforated design.
Uniquely perforated chair (lushome)

Accessories boldly take on the perforated design.  Storage, lighting, fabrics and decorative accessories add character.  These are pieces that will transcend the trend and go on to merge with new styles within your home.

Two trendy metal drawers on wheels with perforated design, placed side by side.
Perforated cabinets for storage (thedecorlounge)
A trendy fabric with perforated holes.
Perforated fabric is perfect for window treatments (lushome)
A light fixture with a perforated design and a white shade.
Perforated drum shade gives light character (
Two white lanterns with a trendy perforated design on steps next to a blue wall.
Perforated lanterns offer unique patio accent (materialgirlblog)
A trendy green vase with a perforated design.
Perforated vase (atgstores)
An orchid in a basket on a white background featuring a trendy perforated design.
Perforated planter (bellacor)

Fashion has been showcasing the perforated trend this year and it doesn’t appear to be waning.  From shoes and handbags to jackets and dresses, this fashionable trend has gone from runway to household.

Perforated leather shoes in a trendy design.
Fashion accessories with perforated style (clockwise from top, lavidadeserendipity, drjays, hudsonandbleecker, moddeals)
A black dress with polka dots, featuring a trendy perforated design.
Fashion with the perforated trend (left, fashiontrenddaily; top right fashionising, bottom right whowhatwear via Pinterest)

Trends come and go.  You either love them or hate them.  Perforated items have shown up in many places over the years, but not to the level that we are seeing this year.  So, if you want to try out this trend in your home now, explore different ways to employ it and enjoy the unique and modern interplay of designs.

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