Canopy beds for little magic every day

A canopy bed in an attic.

The bed is the only furniture that you can be sure you’ll use every day. Therefore, you want it to be as comfortable, inviting and beautiful as it can get. That’s why we’re presenting to your attention the queen of beds – the canopy bed. Check out our next few ideas and find inspiration for your own bedroom.

Our first suggestion is the pavilion canopy bed. That’s because it’s fairly simple and it would suit every type of interior design that you have chosen for your home. In addition, it’s perfect for more masculine types of furnishing, so you can be confident that you will make the guys happy too.

A bedroom with a canopy bed and curtains featuring canopy beds.

The open canopy bed is very suitable for darker rooms as it doesn’t have curtains that can make the whole atmosphere in the room gloomier than it is. Other than that, it offers clean, polished look that would be ideal for minimalistic interiors.

A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table featuring a canopy bed.

Iron canopy bed – it’s stylish, it’s interesting looking, it can last a lifetime. Can you think of better choice? Not only that, but the iron canopy bed is perfect for our favorite Scandinavian interior design, as well as for more romantic designs.

A white bedroom with a canopy bed.

Our next idea is the hula hoop canopy bed – very nice for your child’s bedroom, and even for yourself. The best thing about hula hoop beds is that you can make them all alone. If you decide, that that’s your bed, then you can check out the many tutorials in the Internet and start immediately.

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A white bedroom featuring a canopy bed.

If you’re fan of more luxurious types of beds, then the enignum canopy bed is just for you. Take a look at its intricate design and we guarantee you that you’ll fall in love with it at once.


Canopy bed.

With these inspiring ideas, you can decide on your own magical canopy bed for never ending fairytale in your bedroom.

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