10 Cozy Ways to Decorate Your Guest Bedroom

A guest bedroom with a bed, a dresser, and a window.

One of the rewards for a well decorated house is getting to show it off to friends and family. Whether or not you love to host, aspire to create the perfect guest bedroom that will guarantee a memorable stay for any would-be houseguest. Let the tips below be the inspiration you need to make your extra space just as cozy as your main bedroom.

1. Statement Pieces

A bed with a purple comforter in a bedroom.
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A uniquely elaborate headboard or wall art can be just what your guest bedroom needs for that unique and stylish aesthetic bedroom interior design. This sloping wooden headboard, for instance, is impressively bold, adding a special character to the room that will intrigue any quest.

2. Reading Nooks

A window seat is an excellent way to make your guest feel at home, especially if the window lets it enough natural light. In addition to being a private area for relaxation, a reading nook can give you an opportunity to induce coziness to an otherwise bland, cold guest room.

A white guest bedroom with a bed and a fan.

3. Dark minimalism

Do you want to make your guest room warm without adding furniture or making the bed fluffier? Go for a minimal, clutter-free design and bring in darker tones for a sense of intimacy.

A guest bedroom with a bed and patterned wallpaper.

4. Pictures

Make your guests feel like they are staying in a part of your home, rather than just a guest room, by putting up some personal photos on the walls.

A guest bedroom with a bed and framed pictures above it.

5. Flowers

Fresh flowers on the bedside table or by the window can add color and life to a guest room. They can also communicate that you are excited to host your guest.

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A guest bed in an attic bedroom.

6. Bookshelves

Books are an excellent way to make a room feel cozy. Take note and fill the bedside table with them, or better yet, repurpose the headboard into a conveniently accessible bookshelf.

A guest bedroom with a bed and bookshelves.

7. Throw pillows

Throw pillows instantly create a cozy, welcoming space. Make the lone seat in your guest bedroom more inviting by covering it with pillows and a knit blanket for your guest.

A guest bedroom with a bed, dresser, and chair.

8. Themes

A guest bedroom can be an effective way to let your guests into a personal interest or hobby you hold dear. Pick a theme you like, be it football, nautical or African Safari and stick with it throughout the space.

A bed in a guest bedroom.

9. The holiday touch

An easy but effective way to keep a guest room fresh and inviting is to sprinkle some holiday décor. Holiday-themed pillows or blankets can easily be popped in for the season to get your guests in the festive mood.

A white bed with red and white pillows in a guest bedroom.

10. Symmetric duos

If you are thinking about adding two beds to your guest room, symmetrical is the way to go. Maintain the flow of the room and reduce visual clutter by keeping everything in harmony.

A nautical themed guest bedroom with two beds and a dresser.


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