Do’s and Don’ts of a Guest Room

A guest room with a white bed and a lamp.

Whether it’s the holidays, hosting exchange students, or simply having the occasional guest, you’ll want a space to house visitors when they come. You’ll want a space that is stylish yet functional, and possibly with multiple uses. Home Styler has some of the top, unique tricks for having a welcoming space for guests so that they will want to return. (Don’t forget to check out some style ideas below!)

DO: Provide the basics.  This can help both of you feel comfortable, as they won’t feel as though the are ‘needy’ or intruding on your space when in need of something. Some of the key basics include tissues, extra toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, extra light bulbs, air freshener, towels, wash cloths, an extra pillow, and an extra blanket.

DON’T: Forget adequate lighting. This is often over-looked. Make sure that the table or floor lamps provide enough light to see or read in the night.

DO: Have two different types of pillows. The battle between soft vs hard pillows is still here, and you may not know which type your guest prefers. Some may need a harder or softer pillow for medical reasons as well.

A guest bedroom with a red and green comforter.

DO: Place some artwork and/or plants throughout the guest room. You want them to feel as though they aren’t roughing it in a bare room. It’ll help guests feel more comfortable and at home while giving some stimulation. Artwork can provide starters for conversation and give them a sense of who you are. Plants, on the other hand, will give a sense of vitality to the room, which will alleviate any sense of under-stimulation and sterility.

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DON’T: Only have one form of clothing storage. You’ll want to have at least one dresser and one area to hang clothing, even if it’s a portable closet. Guests may have some clothing that needs to be hung to stay wrinkle-free, and of course for coats and jackets.


DO: Provide a desk or table in the guest room. This will give your guest room for any work they may need to do, whether it entails paper or a computer. Make sure there are pens and pencils for them to write with.

If you don’t have room for a small desk or table, then at least provide a chair to give them a place to sit besides the bed.

Two beds in a guest bedroom



DO: Have bed options that can accomodate more than one guest. This can be done several ways: having a full/double/larger bed, having two twins that can be pushed together or separated, or providing an air mattress. This will give guests that have children or those that come in groups to sleep in the same room. Be sure to have extra blankets and pillows for each bed.


DON’T: Forget to have some snacks and an alarm clock available. Both of these are items guests often say they wish they had in a guest room.



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